Steam Powered Pump

Our steam powered pump aint for no chump

Who Am I?

I am Thomas Newcomen, I was born in Dartmouth, England on February 24, 1663 and I invented the Steam Powered Pump.

My Invention

I invented the Steam Powered Pump. It was used for extracting all water out of mines, making jobs easier for Gold and Coal miners.

How Does It Work

The Steam Powered Pump is simple. A pipeline would run into the water and is then filled up with steam, then cooling the source of the steam until it condensed to form liquid water, creating a vaccum that would pull the water upwards. Then, using additional steam applied from below, the water was pushed to the surface and out of the mines.
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Why you should invest in my product?

The Steam Powered Pump is easily the fastest, most efficient, and easy way to get all the water out of the mines. This will speed up work production and make it so much easier for you workers and company. Getting the job done much more efficiently by then doing it by hand.