First Grade News

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100th Day of School

Tuesday, February 2nd, we will celebrate the 100th day of school. All day long, first graders will explore the number 100 by building, creating, decomposing, and designing all sorts of fun things. It is sure to be an exciting day!

Friday's NTI Day was a BLAST!

Friday, first graders experienced a mock non-traditional instructional day. In other words, it was a practice snow day and boy, was it fun!! From start to finish, first graders explored, experimented, relaxed, and reflected. See the photos below for some of the day's activities.
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"RED OUT" on Friday

This Friday, February 5th, Painted Stone will go red to encourage awareness of heart health and to support Jump Rope for Heart! Instead of Team Day, wear as much RED as your heart desires!

This Week in First Grade


This week in reading, we will continue our unit entitled "Readers Have Big Jobs to Do," which focuses on fluency, phonics, and comprehension. This unit will prepare students to read increasingly complex texts while maintaining meaning accuracy, comprehension, and fluency. Students will focus on word-solving strategies and reading independence.

Word Wall Words

  • white
  • round
  • saw
  • be
  • went
  • who


In Math, we continue to focus on Geometry. First graders have been learning about the attributes of two-dimensional shapes. This week we will move on to explore three-dimensional shapes. Students will continue to describe shapes using their attributes (sides, vertices, closed or open, etc.) Encourage your child to take note of the three-dimensional shapes they see around them. It is amazing how many shapes we can find if we look closely. Did you know that a soccer ball is a sphere made of pentagons and hexagons?


Opinion writing continues to be our focus in writing. We are wrapping up writing about our "Best in Show" from our collections and will be moving on to writing reviews. You can encourage your child by discussing reviews of favorite restaurants, books, movies, etc. Building the dialogue will help your writer express his or her thoughts.
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Yearbook Orders!

Order at the link below or pick up a form in the front office.
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Valentine Grams

Painted Stone PTO will be selling Valentine Grams from 2/3-2/10 to be delivered on 2/11. Lollipops, Pencils, or Color Your Own Bookmarks are $1 each and Flowers are $2 each.
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