6th Grade Technology

By Luke Henkel

From iTrailers to Typing we do it all

Are day starts with typing then one of Mrs. Myers awesome projects planned for the day.

It's not hard, it's challenging

Mrs. Myers awesome projects are challenging and fun making learning fun. Also they help with social skills like speaking to a group of people and eye contact.


We got to make cool trailers which taught us camera skills and acting. Also we learned to direct which is a leadership skill.


Coding was a fun and easy unit which started with basic coding then got harder and harder. It also increased brain power by making you look into each step. It also inspired some kids to be game designers which is great.


Thanks to typing web, I can successfully type. Typing is a great skill that you need when your older and you use a computer work. Typing is also great for your fingers and makes muscle memory easier.

Haiku Deck

Your dream job is a very important thing and we got to show that in a slideshow. It helped kids truly find what their dream job is and that great. We also learned also learned presentation skills like talking, eye contact, and we found out what colleges are available for us.

Explain Everthing

We learned how to use the app EE, which improved speech, penmanship, and being able to tech something that is valuable to someone.

Career Locker

Career locker is a website which helped show kids what they want to be when they are older. It helped turns dreams to reality and showed how to get there and whats that job like.