Inside a Computer

sections of a motherboard

A.G.P. Slot (1)

A.G.P. Slot -Accelerated Graphics Port Slot

A.G.P. Slot is used for gaming & 3D videos and images.

Audio Jacks (2)

Term used to describe any sound or noise.

C.M.O.S. Battery (3)

C.M.O.S.-Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

CMOS is the battery of the motherboard.

C.P.U. (4)

C.P.U.-Central Processing Unit

The C.P.U. is like your brain , it's where all the processes are carried out (like thoughts in your head).

C.P.U. Fan (5)

C.P.U. Fan -Central Processing Unit Fan

The C.P.U. Fan cools down the C.P.U.

D.V.I. PORT (6)

D.V.I. Port -Digital Video Input

It allows you to watch videos.


I.D.E. Connector -Integrated Drive Electronics Connector

The IDE interface contains two IDE device connections and two motherboard connectors for two data cables. An IDE-integrated controller sends an array of 512-byte blocks between the drive and motherboard.

N.I.C. (8)

N.I.C. -Network Interface Card

The N.I.C. is a way for the internet to get into the computer.


Northbridge -Northbridge

When the C.P.U. needs data from the R.A.M. , a request is sent to the Northbridge memory controller.

R.A.M. (12)

R.A.M.-Random access memory

A R.A.M. makes computers access information faster.

U.S.B. (15)

U.S.B.-Universal Serial Bus

A U.S.B. helps you store your stuff like music,photos,videos e.c.t.

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