Nice is Not Enough

Understanding Systemic Oppression with Rory Gilbert

Friday, October 16th, 10:30 a.m.

FRANK Talks - Community Conversations

Please join us for a Virtual Community Conversation (held on Zoom) hosted by the Pima Community College Library and sponsored by Arizona Humanities and Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records.

Event description

Current events across the nation are challenging us to take a hard look at how some groups of people are being treated differently from others on a daily basis. Why does this happen? What systems intentionally or implicitly benefit some people at the expense of others? How does systemic oppression impact certain groups at work, at school, and in the community? As the beneficiaries of these systemic decisions, policies or laws, we are often not even aware of the impact on us, or the harm to others. This program provides an opportunity to explore how systems impact people differently, and the steps we can take personally to eliminate unfair treatment and harm to others.