Werner Weekly

September 17, 2020

Shift to Phase 3

Dear Parents,

This week you received the news about moving to Phase 3, beginning on Oct. 5 for K-2nd and Oct. 19 for 3rd-5th. We are excited about having kids back in the building! We are working on these plans, again, and will share more as we get closer to that time about what to expect. Until then, we will continue to work in Phase 1: Remote Learning and our teachers will be sharing more later as well. For more information about Phase 3: Hybrid Learning, go to the PSD website. We hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Mr. Camp

Library Book Checkout

We are so excited to be able to distribute books to your children! If your child reserved a book with Mrs. Powers during Media time, or on their own, there will be a book for your child to pick up tomorrow during school hours. The books will be outside of the homeroom teacher's classroom. It will be on a table or desk. It will be in a ziplock bag with your child's name on it. When you return those books the following week, please return the book in the ziplock bag. If you are returning overdue books from the Spring, please leave them on the table or desk. If your child needs help reserving a book, please use the following link for directions on how to place a book on reserve.

Important Reminders from the School Nurses

As we prepare to transition from online learning to in person/ hybrid learning it is important that you let us know about your child’s health concerns.Your child is unique. Please give us the details that will help us be of assistance to your child at school. If he/she has a health concern, contact your school nurse or health technician. Information you provide will be reviewed by the school nurse and a Health Care Plan may be developed.

Medication at School

All medication given at school, whether doctor prescribed or over the counter, must be accompanied by PSD Authorization to Administer medication form (available on the PSD website under the Parent, tab, Health services), signed by both the parent/guardian and the physician. Medication must be provided and brought to school by a parent, in the original prescription bottle or over the counter container. Pharmacists may provide you with two bottles if you ask them to label one for school use. If medication changes or medication is discontinued during the school year, please have the child’s doctor fax us the new or correct orders.

Authorization for medication administration MUST BE COMPLETED YEARLY and health care plans updated annually.

Phone Numbers

It is important that we have your home and work phone numbers, as well as emergency contact(s) and phone numbers(s). Should your child become ill or hurt while at school, we MUST be able to reach you. If changes occur during the school year, please notify the school office.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have questions or need addition information, please call.

School Nurse: Julie Norris RN Health Tech: Amy Rider

Email: jnorris@psdschools.org Email: arider@psdschools.org

Phone: 970-556-5900 Phone: 970-488-5550

Fax: 970-488-5552

A/B Hybrid Day Requests-Update

Please check on ParentVue to see what day your child is assigned for. Group A will attend in-person on Monday and Wednesday. Group B will attend in-person on Tuesday and Thursday. For those that have requested changes on days, we are still working through those. The difficulty is balancing classrooms as best we can and we have asked for volunteers to switch days. As opportunities open up to make changes for those families with work schedules that are difficult to change, we will try to accommodate those when it work. We appreciate your patience with this.

Message from PTA

Werner Parents,

Your PTA Secretary, Chelsea, here! On behalf of the PTA Board, I wanted to pop into your inbox for a quick introduction and check-in. The announcement was made (via previously sent email) that phasing into a Hyrbid school schedule will begin October 5th. More information will be coming directly from the PSD and the Werner PTA is here to support you during this process! Please click HERE to follow us on Facebook. Make sure to have your notifications on to stay engaged in our community and up-to-date with our announcements and events.

We’d like to invite you to consider joining the Parent-Teacher Association. Your input is valuable. More grown-ups allow us to have more diversity in our ideas and support. We’re currently brainstorming ways to hold our annual social activities and fundraising events virtually or within the social distancing guidelines. From PTA meetings, Book Fairs, Boosterthon Fun Run, and Grown Up Night Outs, all ideas are welcome. We will be hosting the next virtual PTA meeting on October 8th. Meetings are open to all Werner Grown-Ups. We are excited to start planning topics and guest speakers for the year. Please email the address below if you have anything you’d like to request or suggest. We hope to see you there!

We know the uncertainty is tough. We want you to know, we see you, we know how hard you're trying, and you're doing great! Those of us on the PTA and, Werner Teachers and Staff, share the burden too. Our children’s education and safety are both of high priority for our Werner community. Reach out to us at wernerptapresident@gmail.com to connect.

PTA Secretary,

Chelsea Padgett

Werner Dines Out-Sept. 29

Papa John's and Werner PTA are partnering to raise money for our school on Sept. 29. Carryout or delivery are available and Papa John's will donate money back to Werner from every order using this flyer.

Great Happens Here District Newsletter

Here is this week's GHH newsletter from the district.

Technology Support Tips

Here are some quick tips for you for technology support: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kIdDrdd0hFk3lusUIx9AKy56KLPtYUGrzzgbDtDD5_U/edit?usp=sharing.

You can also use the Tech Portal for tech support when you need it: https://techportal.psdschools.org/. If you have any other questions about technology, please contact our Media Specialist, Debbie Powers, at dpowers@psdschools.org.

PSD 2020-21 School Year

Stay up-to-date with PSD's plans for the 2020-21 school year at: https://www.psdschools.org/psd2020-21. This site will house all the information needed for the different phases and updates throughout the year.