The Lions Paw

Written by- Robb White

Do you like adventure? Do like the type of book that makes you hang on the edge of your seat? Then "The Lion's Paw" is the book for you!


This book is realistic fiction. Hey, did you know that this book was written in 1946? Pretty good book if people STILL have five stars on it!!


Penny And Nick are run away orphans who dream of being sailors. They make it to the shore and find a boat. But, an older boy finds them asleep in his father's boat. They all decide to run away together and find the Lions Paw. But, despite their happiness, Ben's uncle, all of Florida and police officers are searching to find them. Will they find Ben's lost dad? Will they escape? Read it in ¨The Lions Paw¨!


Don't give up on your dreams! It's says in the book that three kids are trying to accomplish something amazing. Think about it, in real life, you would need to get a job. How would you get it? Maybe you want to be the best, or even the manager/boss! What ever you do, DON"T GIVE UP! Believe in your self!

Book critique/Recommendation

My dad actually recommended this book to me! He read it several times as a child and told me to read it. Three words... It... Was... AMAZING!!! I couldn't put it down! I don't think that this books could be more perfect. I really liked how the author describes the feelings and characters in this book. It really made me think that I was standing next to everybody!

What type of person would enjoyed this book?

If you love books with adventure, danger, and courage, then you would love this book "The Lion's Paw". It doesn't have violence, It's not complex at all, and it's not inappropriate.
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READ My BOOK!!! NOW!!!!!!! please! (from the lion)

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Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!

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