Gloria Aguilar

Honduran Carpenter

Moving Day!

Today I am moving into a new town in the no man's land space between the Mexican American border wall and the Rio Grande named Mataville. I'm very excited to meet my neighbors and get my new cabinet making business started.
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It's Time To Get To Work

Right now some of my current projects are redoing the cabinets in my own home to my liking as well as working with some of my neighbors and helping them with renovating their homes too. I'm currently working locally within the new town I've moved into in the no man's land. Since I am working locally I decided to put my wood shop on my property so that's where I work from.
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Dinner Time!

Tonight I stayed at home and made myself baleadas. It's a typical Honduran meal of refried beans, mantequilla, cheese, avocado and scrambled eggs in a flour tortilla. It's my favorite meal and it reminds me so much of home. The weather was really nice too so I sat on my porch and looked out on the river. #YUM
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Friday Fun Day!

It's finally the weekend! I've decided to improve my golf game and head to the Brownsville Golf Center! I've never really played golf before but I heard that the Fort Brown memorial course is reopening soon so I thought I would get better before they open for business. #four!!!

Notre Dame on fire?!

So the Notre Dame burned down yesterday. I can'r believe it, it was such a beautiful church with so much great art work inside. I really hope they were able to recover some of the art work and artifacts. I always wanted to travel and see the Notre Dame because of my love for art. #sadday

New Table Saw!!!

I finally saved up money to buy a new table saw for my wood shop. I went to the Home Depot in Brownsville and bought a portable table saw in case I need to take with me somewhere or for a job. #chopthatwood

US and Mexico Border Issues

Personally I don't think we need a border wall. Yes, there are millions of immigrants coming to the US but I think that stricter border control could help with that. I don't think a border wall would solve the problem. I also don't think closing the border would help either people could still find a way in. Plus, if we close the border we'll lose all of the different and unique cultures we have in the US. #Don'buildthewall

My next trip

I've decided that once the Notre Dame is rebuilt I'm going to take a trip to Paris! I'm starting to save up now so I have plenty of money when I go. They say it will take around 5 years to rebuild the Notre Dame so Paris 2024 here I come! #Paris

Frank Gehry

I just heard about this architect Frank Gehry? I checked out his stuff and he seems pretty cool!


What a deal!!

I just found this website that has any wood shop tools I could ever need! The site also has a 10% discount on super max sanders and accessories!! I'm going to get everything I need right now!