Rusty Raccoon News

February 1-5

What happened this week

  • We talked about special friends
  • We made a large heart and the kids illustrated pictures of their special friends (check out the bulletin board)
  • We discussed emotions and illustrated an emotions chart
  • The kids identified how they feel
  • The kids identified happy, sad, angry, excited, sleepy
  • Identified heart shapes
  • Heart art and decorated valentines boxes
  • Matched colored heart shapes
  • Introduced the letter B
  • Ball, banana, butterfly, baby, blue, bee, black, brown, bear, basketball
  • Used tweezers to grasp button shapes out of beans
  • Explored with rice in the sensory table


  • My Friend Is Sad
  • I Love You This Much
  • The Feel Good Book
  • Silly Sally
  • Rabbityness
  • The Day It Rained Hearts
  • Are You Quite Polite?
  • A Color of His Own
  • When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry
  • The Mixed-Up Chameleon
  • I Like Me
  • Pete the Cat Valentines Day Is Cool


  • Valentines class party on Tuesday
  • Please remember to bring your child's valentines for friends to class on Tuesday- 16 kids
  • New letter R