Katelyn's Bad Experience

Thursday October 18 and Friday October 19

The Fall

On Thursday at lunch recess, Katelyn was sitting on the 5-foot high bar at school when all of a sudden she felt a kick on the back of her head. She fell forward landed on her hands. Katelyn was in a lot of pain. She could walk, but needed help, so her friend Sacoya walked with her to the school nurse.

The Doctor Visit

After a short time, the school had bandaged Katelyn's arm and called her parents. Her dad picked her up and took her to see Dr. Cron. Katelyn's mom met them at the doctor's office. Dr. Cron unwrapped the right arm to look at it, then gently rewrapped the arm and ordered x-rays. Katelyn's left arm was tender too, so the doctor had both arms x-rayed. While Katelyn was getting some ice on her arm, Dr. Cron called Dr. Shea to discuss the x-rays. After that, Katelyn and her parents went to visit Dr. Shea.

Katelyn was very tired, and fell asleep in the waiting room at Dr. Shea's office. Dr. Shea told Katelyn and her family that her arm had a 40 degree displacement and would heal much better if a pin was put into her arm to hold the bone straight. Not only the right arm was broken, but Dr. Shea verified that the left arm had a buckle fracture. Fortunately, the left arm would not need surgery or a cast, only a brace.


Friday morning, Katelyn went to the hospital with her dad. On the way, they dropped her mom off at the airport. Her mom was so sad to leave before the surgery.