Jared foleys dream car

Gt 500 cobra shelby

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This is the reason that i chose this car

The reason that i picked this car is that it is amazing it is sporty and when u push the peddal down it goes and it goes really fast.
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The stuff that is good about it

It has 4 10ns in the back it has a super charger duel duel turbo tune up duel egsost it gets ok gas milage it is 17 16 miles per gallon.

How u could u improve it

Beeter gas milage thats it it is a very nice car
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The price$$$

$60,000 with tax. with out tax $55,445 the taxes are $5,555.

The NC tax rate

The tax rate on every car is 3% on every car.
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Monthly payment for 5 years

The payment per month is $826 5.9%.