Elizabethan Era Cultures & Customs

By: Capri Marchese & Katherine Pasternak

Elizabethan Era

  • English Elizabeth era is one of the most fascinating periods in the history of England (Elizabethan England).
  • Named after the greatest Queens of England (Elizabethan era).
  • Was a period of time where every aspect of daily life was based on social order with monarchs, Queen Elizabeth I, being the highest and laborers being the lowest (Elizabethan England).


Like daily life, what people consumed depended on there social standing and wealth. Upper class drank ale (beer) and wine, while lower class only consumes ale. Water during the Elizabethan period was pretty much never clean, and was usually mixed with sewage (Elizabethan England Life).


Elizabethan Customs & Festivals played a major role in Elizabethan Life. The Feasts, Fairs and Festivals were all held at the same time of year giving Elizabethan people something to look forward to in their everyday Elizabethan lives. The Customs and Festivals were generally related to the Church. All Elizabethans were expected to attend Church every Sunday so were very aware of the customs and festivals which were celebrated within the Church calendar (The black Death Bubonic Plague during Elizabethan era).

Queen Elizabeth I of England