Peak School Book Week



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Our SPECIAL WEEK is here!

This year, we want to focus on how books inspire our minds and spark our imaginations. It's about finding our favourite person, place or thing inside that book. It's about being inspired to create our own stories. It's about stepping outside our comfort zone and imagining something new. It's about getting to a place where absolutely anything is possible. Get fired up about a book, ignite your imagination and embark on a grand adventure of the mind!

schedule of events



Dress up as your favourite book character and join the parade to strut your stuff for the judges who will be giving points for originality, imagination, effort and creativity.


Author of Hogart the Hedgehog Turns Nink - Blair Reeve has produced a poetic and rhythmic read aloud. He is a featured local author in the upcoming Young Reader's Literary Festival to be held in Hong Kong in March this year and we are very excited to host him for our younger readers.



How do we inspire our children to read? So often we find that our child's relationship with books moves from the joy of story-time to the chore of reading. How can we keep our kids inspired by the written word in the 21st century with so many visual distractions to keep them entertained?

Join us for a talk and discussion where we share our own tips and advice on how to encourage your children to enjoy books as they grow up to be independent readers.

This is also an opportunity to share your own frustrations and/or triumphs with other parents so that we might learn from each other's experiences.

This is for parents/guardians of children of ALL ages, so please join us.

Coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided. We do very good coffee.


Field's Books will once again set up shop on Tuesday at lunchtime and after school, offering a selection of picture books, chapter books and non-fiction titles. The books will range in price from $30 - $80 so we suggest that children bring in no more than $100.

Parents can purchase in the Lower Playground from 2:45pm.



It's the Year Of The Monkey and that means a new tale from the irrepressible Sarah Brennan involving Ming Kee Monkey and his exploits. Sarah will read to the children in the lower years and will be available for book signing. Book order forms will be sent to parents by email prior to the event so children can get theirs signed by the author.

To visit her official website click HERE.

thursday and friday


American author Marc Nobleman is coming to present and hold workshops for the upper years students. He has written graphic novel biographies about the creators of Batman and Superman - two of the biggest superhero icons in the world.

Marc Nobleman is a creator of books for all ages, a speaker, and a pop culture archaeologist, and we know he will appeal to our students who understand that graphic novels are one of the most imaginative ways to tell a story.

Students will have an opportunity to ask the author questions and attend workshops about his writing process. Book order forms will be sent to parents by email prior to the event so children can get theirs signed by the author.



Prizes and Honourable Mentions will be awarded for our competitions (see below), and Marc Nobleman will help wrap it all up with a video of the highlights from our week of celebrating the written word!

our competitions


Books can help inspire our creativity.... so look to books to get the creative juices flowing and enter some of our competitions - there is something for everyone!

Five competitions, five chances to win!

write on!

IMAGINE your own story. Children will be asked to create their own story - in whatever format they would would like - picture book, chapter book, graphic novel, e-book or audio. It can be hand-written or as a computer document or audio recording. The deadline will be Thursday 10th March. The finished story will be judged on:

Content: characters, plot, setting - what happens, who, where, when, why?

Presentation: if it's worth writing, take the time to present it well!

Originality: don't use someone else's idea, that's plagiarism

Creativity: get inspired, you know you can!

you've got this covered!

Let a book INSPIRE you to make your own cover art. Children can be the illustrator for their favourite book and design the front cover. We will provide an A3 sheet for them to use to create their masterpiece. The deadline will be Thursday 10th March and the cover art pieces will be judged on:

Content: it needs to be about something inside the book!

Presentation: colour is best, unless the style is black and white

Originality: don't copy what's already been done

Creativity: let your imagination run wild!

story sacks

Be INVENTIVE. We loved this competition last year where children put together a box, a model, or a sack of items from their favourite book. Decorate your story sack as much as you like with 'props' that are all about the book you love. The models will be displayed in the Library throughout the week and beyond (to be honest last year we were fairly reluctant to let them go!) This is a difficult one to judge because they are all so unique and individual, but we will give it a go. Deadline will be Thursday 10th March.


Who doesn't love this? Show us how INTREPID you can be with your reading habits. Take a picture of yourself reading in any interesting way, place, or position! We'll put them on our display board and pick a winner. Although, quite frankly, reading makes everyone a winner in our books!

that's a wrap!

INFLUENCE someone to read a book through images. Students can create their own book trailers at lunchtime in the IT Department and enter them to win a prize. The trailers will be screened at the Closing Ceremony and the deadline for submission will be Thursday 10th March. Trailers will be judged on:

Content: it needs to be about a book that exists

Presentation: the use of images, sound, text and how they are put together

Originality: you know the drill, use your own ideas

Effectiveness: does it make us want to run out immediately and read that book?

library activities

Lunchtime library

During lunchtime library, students can participate in some activities, or just come in to enjoy their favourite books!

  • quizzes on well-known books and characters
  • guess how many pages in a book
  • who's reading that book?
  • make your own bookmark
  • match the quote to the book

read me a story

During the week, we will choose our favourite books and spend 15 minutes reading that story during break and lunchtimes. Students will have a list of what is being read where and can move to the room of their choice to listen.
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