Biomedical Engineering

A Look into What a Biomedical Engineer Really Is

What a Biomedical Engineer Is

A biomedical engineer is an engineer in the field of medical work. I think that being a biomedical engineer would be a great job for me. Biomedical engineering is a perfect job for people like me who love problem solving, being creative, inventing new things, medicines, working wit tools, biology, and helping people. All of these things intrigue me. Below are all of the facts on biomedical engineer. You never know, this just might be the perfect career for you too.

What do Biomedical Engineers Do?

Biomedical engineers explorers in the medical world. People that work in this field of engineering might do a number of things that impact our medical world. Some examples include designing artificial hearts, creating new prosthetics, designing new physical therapies, or improving incubators for premature babies. All of these things are very important, and improve the lives of people everywhere.

Where do they Work?

Biomedical engineers can work in a countless number of places, including offices, factories, research institutes, hospitals and rehabilitation units. Though no matter where they work, they always make a difference.

The Current Salary

The current annual salary for a biomedical engineer in the state of Illinois is from about $85,000 to $150,000. These rates do differ depending on your experience level, your degree, and your location.
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The Education Needed

To be eligible for a job as a biomedical engineer, you need to have at least a bachelor's degree in either science, or a similar category called the arts, although a higher degree such as master's or doctorate degree are recommended.

The Responsibilities of a Biomedical Engineer

To be the best biomedical engineer you can be, you need to have knowledge of biology and engineering, designing skills, and knowledge of physiology.

A Growing Demand

As technology improves, so does the demand for engineers like a biomedical engineer.

U.S. schools handed out 23% more bachelor degrees for bio-engineering than two years before in 2005. More biomedical engineers are needed in this world. Maybe your on the right path to becoming one.

A Day in the Life - Biomedical Engineer