What Are Children Learning When..


Description of Activity

The child is cooking. The directions vary, depending on what the child is preparing to cook.

Structured Activity

When cooking, this activity is structured. There is to be a parent or an adult, on watch at all times, watching over and engaging with the child, explaining what is happening, or what to do next.
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Type Of Play

This activity is Sensory Play. Its Sensory Play because your giving the child the opportunity to touch, smell, taste, and see how the meal is prepared.

What Are You Learning By Cooking?

The child observe changes in the food ingredients. They learn about temperature, floating, sinking, dissolving, melting, and freezing. Cooking does help early math skills, such as counting, measuring, and following directions. Cooking can also help in reading and communicating, the child learns terms of recipes, such as stir, blend, slice, and shred.