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Well, September is finally here. You would never guess based on the weather we are having, but Fall is just around the corner. Now is the time to start thinking about an upgrade to your heating system, or even just a service on your existing system. As soon as we get the first cold snap there is always a mad rush, you don't want to get caught up in a long wait list.

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Water Filtration

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Chloramine is added to water to kill bacteria. It is created when chlorine and ammonia are combined. This method of disinfection is used because it is more stable than chlorine alone and won't evaporate before our drinking water is done travelling the distance from Sooke to Oak Bay. Many people will leave their water out overnight so that the chlorine can evaporate, but this won't work for chloramines. You must physically remove the substance from your water if you want to avoid consuming it. You can read more about the harmful effects of consuming and bathing in chloramines here.

We have been looking for a system that can remove chloramines from all of the water entering your home. Regular carbon filters will not work, but a new substance called catalytic carbon has been very successful. You can install a self backwashing catalytic carbon filter where the water enters your home so you don't have to shower or drink contaminated water.

We still recommend installing a point of use reverse osmosis system under your kitchen sink, because although chloramines will be removed, THM's will not. THM's are a byproduct of organic matter (algae) and chloramines mixing. Read more about THM's here.

Feel free to visit our showroom or call into the office and talk to Claudia about the harmful side effects of these products, as well as the options available for removal.