12 Days of Ruby Red RAZZLE DAZZLE!

Day Eight!

This Challenge is Sponsored by the Fabulous Liz Krull & Jessie Schneider

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The Power of Social Selling!

Behold! The Power of Facebook

You worked hard this weekend emailing and contacting others about the Stella & Dot opportunity. There is no substitute for personalized communication...people love to know that you were thinking of them.

BUT...never underestimate the power of Facebook! The www that has changed the way we communicate with each other.

This challenge is short and sweet!

If you haven't already started a FACEBOOK FAN page I highly encourage you to do it. Remember...people "friended" you because they like YOU, so you have to be careful not to overwhelm and annoy them with too much information about Stella & Dot.

A good rule of thumb is one-two posts per week on your personal page. If you have a FAN PAGE...you can post EVERY DAY! And you should post every day!

EXCEPTION: When you share a "FAVE of the DAY". It's just a fabulous picture of style. No buy it here, etc. You are just sharing something FAB....so post away on those!!

Today's Challenge

Post something that might entice a new stylist or customer on FACEBOOK.

YOU PICK WHAT YOU POST! Once you post you can share it on our team page.

Here are a few ideas:
-Link to a must have
-Picture of a sample you are selling
-Incentive for booking
-Gift Ideas
-Trunk show date available
-Celebrity Style


THEN....Just find this Smore on our team page and share what you posted and you're entered to win!!

Be sure to share results too!

xoxo-Happy Social Selling!

Meet the STARS!

Liz Krull - Star Stylist

My Story:
I started with S&D about 18 months ago and my original goal was to do 1 trunk show a month...and have lots of gorgeous accessories! Once I got started I was addicted. I love the mission of the company, the friendships I've made, the incentives and of course the extra "fun money". I hit Star Stylist in Nov 2013 and it truly is the "sweet spot" in the company! Even with a full time job and 2 (almost 3) busy kids there is room for S&D because it is so much FUN to be successful :-)

Top Tip:
My top tip is try to always do a little "something" no matter what level you want to achieve in your business. Whether that's a FB post (to try to sell online) or participating in a booking blitz...stay engaged!

I'm Gifting....

It's a set of 10 fragrances from anthropology- super light and fresh smelling. Perfect for the girl on the go!!

Jessie Schneider - Star Stylist

My Story:

Hi y'all, I'm Jessie, originally from Prairie Village, KS. I went to Savannah College of Art and Design for Fashion Design, then fell in love and moved to Texas post graduation. Fast forward and here I am with two busy boys, Jackson (3) & Beau (2), a husband that owns the best Pizza restaurants around -Palio's Pizza Cafe, and a "job" I wake up and go to sleep thinking about!

I started Stella & Dot at the most hectic time in my life, my house was house flooded, I was living at my parent's house, and our 2nd brand new baby just arrived. I took the leap, joined, and I kid you not I cried when I received my Starter Kit. The first time, in a long time, I had done something just for me, that truly was what I loved: business & fashion! My WHY was to rebuild my confidence, get out and socialize, meet new friends, and fill my creative void. All in hopes that having a hobby would make me a more well rounded mama for my beautiful little family! S&D has done this and SO much more for me! I had no idea I would believe SO passionately in a company and a cause. My revised WHY has become to enrich other women's lives the way S&D has enriched mine!

My Tip for Success:

Attitude is everything. Something my parent's instilled in me. You can take the cancelled trunk show and pout about it OR you can decide to cancel the bad "JuJu" out by booking two more in it's place! I've actually made this a challenge of mine. When I get down about some situation, I actually take the time to, Stop. Rearrange how I'm perceiving it and not allow myself to feel negative about it. I challenge myself to spin everything into a positive light. Turn a downfall into a challenge!

I'm Gifting...

Pottery Barn Chevron Printed Throw in Hibiscus and Orange:

Comfy, cozy, lightweight and chic! A must have for every Stella girl snuggled up with their kids, pet, or a laptop planning their next trunk show! The perfect pop to any living room, armchair, or couch. Let it remind you of how much warmth and brightness YOU add to a room too!