All about me

Pol Gil

Introducing my Self

My name is Pol, I am 14 years old and I live in Bescanó. I live in a flat with my mother and my father. I have got one sister and her name is Aida. She is living in Olot because she is studying there and she has got a flat to live ‘in.

Brief Description

Principal Characteristics

I’ m tall, and I have a normal physical condition. I have got short black hair and I have got blue eyes. I’m so sociable with the people! I am very funny and I am not really serious and I have always got a smile in the mouth.


I love doing sport: I play football here in Bescanó, and I like going cycling too. I love listening to music. All day and all night I’m with the headphones listening to music. I like meeting friends too. I teach a football team in Bescanó and I have a good time playing football with them.


I would like to be a DJ in the future or a job related to music or sound. I love the nature too because when I was young we were always with my family at the forest.