CAD Technician

Daniel Sujata - P.7/8

What is a CAD Technician?

CAD stands for Computer Aided Drafting. CAD technicians use CAD systems to create 2D and 3D renderings of plans that were previously drawn out as blueprints on a drawing board. 2D modeling is referred to as surface modeling and is usually a preliminary drawing to a 3D solid model. Many CAD technicians work in a team of technicians and engineers and work on separate parts at the same time under the supervision of a design engineer. You will need a good understanding of math, IT and how things work. You will need to know about Engineering principles and how they tie into a model.


You will usually work for 37-40 hours a week and make upwards of $44,000 yearly. A CAD technician can be applied in many fields including construction, manufacturing, railways and even aerospace. Depending on your specialty and the field you want to work in, demand for your services is likely to increase slowly as you gain experience. An associates degree in CAD will often suffice to get an entry level job, but most CAD technicians are expected to bring a higher level of training and technical know-how.

You will get to work in a comfortable environment, and can even free-lance if you are experienced enough. But those who have a career in CAD are often susceptible to eye and wrist strain. Drafters are also hired in industries that are sensitive to the economy, and continuing an education is often necessary to keep up with the industry.