Shani Aduculesi Pilates

Mat Work * Reformer * Mommy and Me Stroller Pilates

Move to a better you! Join one of my Pilates sessions and move into a whole new you!

I invite you to join me in one of the various Pilates sessions I offer. Choose between private, duet and mommy and me Sessions.

Any Session chosen will be tailored to you and therefore is suitable for any age, Physical condition, and gender.

Pilates sessions available:

Private Reformer

Duet -Reformer/Mat mix

Private or Duet Mat Work

The benefits of Pilates: Strengthens the core and tones muscles. Improves flexibility, Coordination, Posture and movement range. Gain better control and awareness to the body while having a great workout!

Pilates Sessions are also great for: Pre-natal, Post-natal, Osteoporosis, Athletes, injuries recovery and prevention and more.

*Classes can be taught in either English or Hebrew.

Mommy and Me Stroller Pilates

Mommy and Me Stroller Pilates: A class for new mothers and their babies. While the baby is enjoying a ride in the stroller, we'll be toning and stretching our muscles.

This class is based mainly on Pilates method and is influenced by other techniques such as dance and yoga.

***Stroller Pilates is an outdoor group class which meets weekly. Registration is required for this class.

A little about me

I am a certified Pilates instructor, Dance teacher and a Choreographer.

I have a B.ED in Dance & Education from The Kibbutzim College of Education, Israel and an M.A in Performance Dance from the University of Chichester, UK. I have completed my Pilates certification through PhysicalMind Institute NY.

I am the founder and artistic director at Roza Dance Company and have many years of experience teaching Pilates, dance and choreographing.

My experience includes working with all age groups, people recovering from injuries, Pre-natal, Post natal, Osteoporosis and more. I've worked in Israel, the UK and USA.

Joseph Pilates: "In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will have a whole new body"


Now Offering:

Spring into Summer Special

March 1 - June 30

***Special Packages have to be bought by June 30th but do not expire then.

Mat Work:

Private - $40 per class.

Packages: 10 classes at $250 ($25). *Intro package: 4 classes at $80

**Duet - $30 per class.

Packages: 10 classes at $200 ($20). *Intro package: 4 classes at $60


Private - $90 per class.

Packages: 10 classes at $450 ($45). *Intro package: 4 classes at $160

**Reformer/Mat work mix Duet - $60 per class.

Packages: 10 classes at $350 ($35). *Intro package: 4 classes at $120

Stroller Pilates:

$10 per adult per class.

***Intro packages are offered exclusively to new clients and can be purchased before or immediately after the first session.

***Intro packages expire after 3 month from day of purchase, 10 sessions packages expire after 6 month from day of purchase.

*** There are no drop in classes. All classes have to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

***24 hours cancelation policy: please inform me within 24 hours prior to your session if you need to cancel or reschedule, in order to avoid being charged for the session.


"Shani is an excellent Pilates instructor and a warm, caring person. Her classes are challenging, fun, and engaging. I am always amazed at how she is able to coach and adjust me into just the right positions so that I feel the exact muscles being targeted during each and every exercise. Whether you are new to Pilates or have practiced before, you will not be disappointed. Shani is the best!"


"Shani is methodical, attentive, and thoughtful in how she executes her instruction. She balances being supportive with pushing you to do more."

"Shani understands the synthesis of the body and mind connection. She encourages women to feel strong, which helps achieve balance and confidence.”


"I began Pilates sessions with Shani in my first trimester of pregnancy. I was a complete Pilates novice and Shani did a wonderful job explaining Pilates conceptually as well as helping me master the exercises. She worked with me at the speed that I was comfortable, adjusting the exercises as my pregnancy progressed, while still ensuring that I felt challenged. I always felt safe under her direction which is essential especially during pregnancy. Shani helped me connect with my body and helped me feel strong. I looked forward to and enjoyed our sessions. Shani is very professional while remaining down to earth and fun to chat with during sessions."


"I started working with Shani right before my third pregnancy. She began a prenatal Pilates program without skipping a beat and I noticed a difference right away. She kept track of my progress and knew which movements I could and should be doing, and which ones I shouldn't. Over time, she got my body in shape for a C-section delivery from which my recovery was amazingly simple because of how well she had prepared my body. A year post-partum and I'm still with Shani. I continue to be amazed at how each session leaves me feeling muscles I didn't know I have. She's very technical and knowledgeable about physiology — way beyond what I've experienced with other Pilates instructors. What I really love is her great attitude. She keeps our workouts fresh and creative, and I look forward to every session!"