SOAR 2015 Nashville Recap!

Who Will Soar This Year?

It's Game Time!!

After spending the weekend with some of our team members, Duskee Kassing and Kathy Hazelrigg in Nashville, I just have to share some of the amazing announcements and training that we were a part of! It's so hard to believe it all happened in just one day. As always, Origami Owl knows how to do it right! We attended the event in Nashville along with 800 other Designers. Meanwhile at remote satellite locations all over the country, another 3200 Designers were watching the Nashville simulcast! So cool!!
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2015 is our year!!

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Over and over during the training and on the follow up leader call last night we were told, this year is it! This is the year the company has been working towards and it is all coming together! We have more opportunity because of the mission of our products, our businesses will grow, and our teams will have more promotions than ever in 2015. Are you ready?

Some Important Updates....

New and effective immediately, $199 PV every 6 months is in effect again. We have had a break on that requirement for the last few months as the requirement was evaluated. Beginning in March, the requirement will increase to $250 PV every 6 months to remain an active Designer. Even with the increase, the monthly PV is only $42 PV per month. That is basically one locket, chain and charms. Remember, PV or Personal Volume is our wholesale cost.

Soar To Success Updates

Beginning Monday, January 19, Soar To Success will begin with new and improved rewards and requirements! All the details will be out on Monday, but this is a big boost for your business.. Watch for all the details.
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O Canada!!

It's happening! Origami Owl is moving in to Canada! The journey begins with a sign up list on February 3rd, new Designers signing in Canada will be put on a list. Beginning February 17th, business kits will begin shipping, they will have the same packages as ours. Then on March 16, Canada will officially launch! This is huge for our business and our company. If you have any connections in Canada, make contact with them now and introduce them to Origami Owl.
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Updated Hostess Benefits

Coming this Spring, the Hostess Benefits will update to the following: a qualifying Jewelry Bar minimum will be $250 in retail sales, up from $125. This will automatically increase our minimum JB sales by 100%! The benefits for the Hostess will increase too! The discount for the Hostess Exclusive has an added category of 75% instead of the previous 25 and 50% categories. See the picture for details. Now, when a Hostess sales are $1000 and up, her rewards will increase to 30%!! A $1000 JB will earn the Hostess $300 in FREE product! Wow!!
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inscriptions!! This is a game changer!

This is the most exciting product I have seen from Origami Owl since I began my journey in July 2013. Bella's mom Chrissy told us this process and product was 18 months in the making! The company invested over $1.5 million in the equipment to be able to make completely personalized plates. When Bella and Chrissy began Origami Owl in the Chandler Mall in November 2010, they would hand stamp plates with a hammer and metal, alphabet stamps and they were always the biggest selling item. To make them on a grander scale like we need now was a huge endeavor. I am so excited about this product because our customers are going to love them and so will we. The possibilities are endless!! And the awesome thing is, our commission on plates will still be 50%. A.mazing. Order your inscriptions toolkit now for just $38 in the back office under New Designer Order. When ordering, make sure you enter the item number KT1027 in the first box displayed on the order form. We can begin placing orders for inscriptions on February 17. This is a game changer! Contact everyone who has purchased or hostessed with you and let them know about this amazing product. If you are new, tell everyone! :-)
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Our team is like royalty! Kind of.....

We learned quickly, that when you see an opportunity you take it! What that really means is when you are sitting on the floor eating your box lunch in the hallway with hundreds of others, and Bella's mom Chrissy walks by, you jump up and dust the bread crumbs off your lap and ask her for a selfie!! :-) We may have also dashed in to the elevator with her that night at the hotel when we saw she was getting on. And she was sweet as can be and wanted to make sure we were all going to Chicago convention! Our own mentor Robyn Torres did an amazing job speaking on stage about the Reach for the Beach incentive trip for Senior Team Leaders and above to Naples, FL in May! Also, Robyn was asked to serve on the first ever Designer Advisory Board that will meet several times a year to hear our needs and concerns. Robyn wants us to tell her what The Nest needs to hear so be sure and email her any concerns that are not already being addressed at

Valentine's Day, the time to share the beautiful new products is now!

Plan to offer an open house or stop and shop for customers to come check out the gorgeous products or just the supplement so you have time to place orders for the big day of love! Set up a display, offer gift wrap and get their wish lists. Even better, get the guys involved and let them know what their options are and that you will gift wrap the gifts and they will be happy to purchase. Take the guesswork out of giving for them! You can wrap our take out boxes in Dollar Store cellophane gift bags with a cute heart or pink ribbon and boom. Gifting done!

New Opportunity Brochures Coming Soon!

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Last but certainly not least....

Get ready to change your business by attending 2015 O2 Experience in Chicago! This year's theme is Find Your Happy! Registration began yesterday and already over 3000 Designers are registered. The cost for convention is $199, (or, the profits from one Jewelry Bar), hotel rooms can be shared with other team members (the profits from two Jewelry Bars), and cost to get there by air or car (profits from one to two Jewelry Bars depending on how you arrive) and you are there!! If you want to go, let's make it happen!! You will be inspired, learn great ideas for your business, see how everyone else wears their jewelry which is always fun, meet others on our team, have fun, stay up way too late, and get lots of FREE Origami Owl jewelry!!

Here is the link to register: