The Monday Minute

March 29, 2021


This position paper from the AMLE Advocacy Committee suggests reframing the notion of what students have "lost." When coupled with the standardized tests that students will be facing in April and test prep that may occur, what perspectives will be the most beneficial for students and staff? How do we plan for summer and next fall?


The ease of recording and listening to podcasts has led to a huge variety. Even if you listen while exercising, commuting, or doing tedius tasks, it can be hard to find time to listen to all that you'd like (even at fast speeds). We've collected a few resources below, and also wanted to mention this one, a collaboration between Daniel Pink and Lisa Feldman Barrett, "The Brain: A User's Guide to the Blob behind Your Ears." Barrett disputes the idea of the "lizard brain." Do you have any podcasts you'd like to recommend? Let us know!


Indiana DOE now has the "Leading and Learning" podcast, covering a variety of topics with special guests each week.

#UnlocktheMiddle has a variety of videocasts and programs! Two principals from Massachusetts have started an extensive collection of resources. Find them all here!

Purdue has a virtual space where science teachers can socialize, unwind, & informally share ideas, Mondays 4 pm-4:30 pm EDT This weekly, virtual Zoom event has special guests to get the conversation started and is also recorded (for release later in the week) as their new Teaching Science podcast. Check the Purdue College of Science page for the Zoom link.

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A school librarian in New Jersey, Grace McCusker, has compiled one of the most complete lists of virtual field trips that I have seen. Most are free, and the libguide is still growing!

Speaking of virtual field trips: Matt Miller has updated that section of his Ditch That Textbook site, including 50 different trips here, and an updated page with field trips plus accompanying activities, such as Kahoots!, teacher guides, HyperDocs, and more.

Interesting Interdisciplinary Census Activities

AMLE recently featured this post full of activities related to the census. There are even more ideas available on the "Statistics in Schools" section of census site itself.


Calling All Student Artists

Reimagine the 16th president using any medium of your choice in the third annual Friends of the Lincoln Collection Art Contest.

This year's contest, open to Indiana students age 10-14, will be completely virtual, with artwork submitted digitally. Each entry must include an artist’s statement that explains what medium was used to create the piece and why. The contest is in conjunction with the Friends of Lincoln, Allen County Library, & Indiana State Museum. Information & entry here. (Due 4/23)


INSPIRE3 philanthropy education and service-learning projects are available on our website as well as IASP. You can also go direction to Learning to Give for current ideas, including standards-based lessons.

Learning Opportunities (all times ET, Free Unless Noted)

March 30: Book Clubs for Today’s Culture of Learning: Fostering a Love of Independent Reading Through Student Choice and Contemporary Skills, 3 pm

March 30: AMLE Webinar-Preparing for Your Next, or First Teaching Job, 4: 30 pm

March 30: Keep Indiana Chatting (on Zoom), "Trending Tuesday," 7 pm

March 31: Professional Learning Practices: Sharing State Exemplars in Support of Digital Learning (moderated by Jason Bailey), 5 pm

April 1: AMLE Webinar: Design Thinking Drives Learning, 4:30 pm, (free to members)

April 5-9: Horace Mann DonorsChoose Sweepstakes (Have your projects ready; you can enter now!)

April 6: Reading and Dyslexia in a Digital World: The Perspective of a Reading Warrior, 3 pm

April 6: Keep Indiana Learning-Creating Math Activities that Engage Remote Learners, 4 pm

April 8: AMLE Webinar: Exploring Adolescent Development with Our Students, 4:30 pm (free to members)

*April 8: Virtual Event with Dr. Temple Grandin & Jeff Kinney (author of Diary of a WImpy Kid), 7 pm (there are many other great events listed on the site)

April 12: KIL-Follow Up to Personalization Isn't Just for Students, 7 pm

April 13: NIET Panel Discussion-The Untapped Potential of the Principal Supervisor, Noon

April 13: DOE Webinar, "The What, Why, and How School School-WIde Learning Walks," 4 pm

*Includes (or aimed at) Students


Keep Indiana Learning Live Events, Archived Events

PATINS Trainings for Accessibility for All

Corwin Monday Afternoon Webinar Seriesedwe

Leslie Fisher Webinars

Teachers First/OK2Ask Virtual Workshops

Happy Spring Break!

This week, we have educators and students who:

-just returned from spring break

-are currently on spring break

-are looking forward to spring break

The Monday Minute will return on April 12. No matter when your break falls, whether you went away or celebrated a staycation, we hope it's enjoyable!

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