The Three Blind Mice Get justice

The grand jury declared that there was sufficient evidence to give an indictment for the offense of cutting off the three blind mice tails. The cops were given the warrant to go and arrest the farmer’s wife.

At the arraignment the farmer’s wife pleaded not guilty and asked for a public defender because she could not afford to hire a lawyer. The judge set bail at $10,000 after hearing the evidence presented.

The prosecution represented the three blind mice against the defendant; the farmer’s wife in the felony criminal case of cutting of their tails with a carving knife. The prosecution tried plea bargaining with the defendant, but she refused wanting to go before the petit jury and have her case heard.

The farmer’s wife issued a subpoena to her husband the farmer who saw the whole ordeal. During the trial both sides presentenced their own witnesses to testify for them on the details of the crime committed. The prosecution on cross examination reminded the farmer that lying was called perjury and he could get into trouble for it. He admitted she smiled as she cut their tails off. Although the mice did chase the farmer’s wife it was not on purpose because they were running and blind so they did not realize it was her that they were chasing.

The jury had decided upon a guilty verdict and convicted the farmer’s wife of the crime she was accused of. The sentence was 5-7 years. The farmer’s wife did not agree with the verdict and decided to appeal the case.