Mosaica Online Happenings

May 27-31 2013

Upcoming Dates to Remember

  • Monday, May 27th: Memorial Day Holiday
  • Thursday, May 30th: Parent Ed Meeting @ 8:30pm Eastern in Julie's office
  • Friday, May 31st: K-5 Staff Meeting @ 10am Eastern
  • Friday, May 31st: 6-12 Staff Meeting @ 10:30am Eastern
  • Tuesday, June 4th: Adjunct Staff Meeting @ 7pm Eastern
  • Friday, June 7th: Advisement Meeting @ 2pm Eastern in Julie's office
  • **Beginning August 28th, all adjunct teachers must submit invoices to Brenda McCullers on the 14th and 28th of the month**

Staff Spotlight- Elaina Mutis

Elaina shares....

My passion and involvement in education began many years ago while teaching pre-school and pre-K. I later took a position as Director of Curriculum for the early education school where I taught. My love of teaching and music transformed into starting my own business as owner and director of a children’s performing group, Spotlight Kids for over 10 years. I became involved in my school district by starting the district’s first support group for gifted educators and families of gifted children, TAG. I also was very involved in PTA, acting in the capacity of spokesperson for the school district on a state level. I have enjoyed teaching various courses on parent involvement and volunteerism to educators and parents. Throughout the years I have been involved in numerous community projects and have sat on the board of directors for several non-profit organizations, as well as managed a couple of local political campaigns. Eventually I took my business education and experience to start a career in Legal Business Management, which I enjoyed up until my last kiddo was off to college. Then my empty nest and I moved to California 2 years ago and I absolutely love it here! Currently my position as Business Manager at Mercury Academy has beautifully blended my love for children and their education and my experience in business administration. I have three grown children and a 2 year old grandson that I adore. I enjoy gardening, hiking, refinishing furniture, and exploring California’s cultural and natural beauty!

Thank you Elaina!

Mercury Sunshine!

*We are glad to report that Karen Stevens is home from the hospital - please keep her in your thoughts!

*Please keep Elaine Gaughf-Smith in your thoughts-She is currently undergoing chemotherapy - you can do it Elaine!

*As always, please keep Barbara Noel-Williams in your thoughts- she is a WARRIOR in her fight against cancer!!!!

Let me know of any concerns or celebrations within our Mercury family!

Club Corner

Book Club - grades 3-5:
Students are currently reading a science fiction story entitled Time Tube by Chris Maher and James Hart (found in Reading Eggspress website).


Let's Continue Our Discussion on Love and Logic®....

When a child says, "You're weird" Love and Logic teachers ask with a puzzled smile, "It's taken you this long to figure that out?"

Love and Logic ® Teacher-isms by Jim Fay and Charles Fay

What Is Going On In Other Mercury Locations?

Besides our students in AZ, CA, and CO we are serving students in the following locations:
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Mexico City


Muskegon Heights, Michigan

Hyderabad, India


You will receive updates here that will pertain to our students in any of these locations!

  • be sure to consult the various calendars in D2L for these locations
  • Teachers PLEASE be sure you are keeping your D2L grade book updated. Whenever a program needs grades for a progress report, we export the D2L grade book current average. Thank you!

Upcoming Events/Holidays:

Puerto Vallarta:

  • June 13-18th: Final Exams

Mexico City:

  • June 1st: Seniors Graduate
  • June 13th: Last Day of School

Muskegon Heights

  • May 27th: Memorial Day Holiday
  • June 25th: Last Day of School


  • June 12-14: Final Exams
  • June 20 - last day of school

Data Discussion...

Scantron Performance Series assessments are all but complete! Many thanks to teachers for your diligence and follow-through with students. Be sure to check out your kids' scores by logging in, selecting your classroom, and then Performance Testing. You can also view your class' growth by selecting the District Reports. Then, on the left hand menu, select Performance and Current Scores. From here, you can view several reports for your data discovery! Growth Target documents will be available next week.

As we begin to prepare for the end of the school year!

See below for final exam dates for Middle School and High School. ALL students will take exams on the dates below unless prior approval has been given to take them early or be exempt.


Last day of school: June 18

Math and World Languages – Exams on Thursday, June 13

Language Arts and Science – Exams on Friday, June 14

Paragon/SS and Electives – Exams on Monday, June 17

Make up Finals – Tuesday, June 18

Arizona and Colorado:

Last day of school: June 21

Math and World Languages – Exams on Tuesday, June 18

Language Arts and Science – Exams on Wednesday, June 19

Paragon/SS and Electives – Exams on Thursday, June 20

Make up Finals – Friday, June 21

Online Paragon Nights!

The next LIVE online Paragon Night will be held....

Tuesday June 11, 2013 @ 8:30 p.m. Eastern

The event will be facilitated by Hadar Goldberg & Gabby Bray!

And last but not least..... Your joke of the week

And our joke this week is a picture - see below:)