Inigo Jones



Born on July fifteenth 1573 in London England, Inigo Jones was one of the greatest architects during the Renaissance Period. Jones traveled a lot during his life finding patrons along the way that included the royal court and Duke of Arundel. However he spent a majority of his life in Venice Italy where he studied many of Andrea Palladio's, a great Architect and his master, architecture and architectural theories. Jones is responsible for staging over fifty masques and plays as well as countless architectural designs. Among his most famous work is the inner of the St. James Cathedral and the Banqueting house. He worked for many powerful kings and queens, when he had free time he worked in developing his wide range of skills which kept him busy.

His Work

The pictures below show one one of Inigo Jones greatest pieces of architecture. The Banqueting House at Whitehall, was built in 1916 until 1922. The building is still in Whitehall England and is now a common stop for visitors. The Banqueting house is special because of the amount of detail and what it took to make it. In 1619 the Palace of Whitehall burned down and took much of the Banqueting House with it. Jones continued building after and still managed to complete it. Much of the interior is very ornate detail largely based off baroque styles of detailing. I like this piece because of how detailed and planed out it is. Along with baroque it manages to blend many other ideas including ornate arches and columns. The House was the best setting for the powerful state meetings and was considered the most elegant place to host any function. The Banqueting house easily applies to the humanism and Naturalism aspects of the Renaissance wold. The humanism is in the expressions on peoples faces of the ceiling art, also how the light is mostly even across the painting. The naturalism is shown by the light coming from the top of the art and also how the angles and other people are in distress is not an ideal condition but is their natural state.

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