October 14, 2016


Recent studies have found a correlation between physically fit students and academic achievement. In particular, results have shown that students who are physically fit are more likely to do well on standardized tests. Results also found an association between physical activity and good school attendance as well as fewer disciplinary referrals.

Based on the evidence that students learn better when they are physically fit. Below is a link that will provide you with a list of activity breaks for use in and outside of the classroom. Activity breaks are classroom-based physical activities that can incorporate subject content and allow students to be physically active while learning. Activity breaks can be inserted at the beginning of class to energize the students, in the middle of class to break up the work load, or at the end of class as a review. Basically, activity breaks can be used at any point during the class period at the teacher’s discretion.

The Tech Buzz Word for this Year....SAMR

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The SAMR Model of one of several popular technology integration models. SAMR is an acronym which stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition. It is no wonder why we refer to this model by its acronym. It was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura as a way for teachers to evaluate how they are integrating technology into instruction. You can use SAMR to reflect on how you are integrating technology into your classroom. Many resources about SAMR link it to Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy.


Technology is used to perform the same task as was done before the use of computers.

Students print out worksheet, finish it, pass it in.

No functional change in teaching and learning. . This area tends to be teacher centric where the instructor is guiding all aspects of a lesson.


Technology offers an effective tool to perform common tasks.

Students take a quiz using a Google Form instead of using pencil and paper.

There is some functional benefit here in that paper is being saved, students and teacher can receive almost immediate feedback on student level of understanding of material. This level starts to move along the teacher/student centric continuum. The impact of immediate feedback is that students may begin to become more engaged in learning.


This is the first step over the line between enhancing the occurrences of the traditional classroom and transforming the classroom. Common classroom tasks are being accomplished through the use of technology.

Students are asked to write an essay. An audio recording of the essay is made along with an original musical soundtrack. The recording will be played in front of an authentic audience, such as peers or parents.

There is significant functional change in the classroom. While all students are learning similar writing skills, the reality of an authentic audience gives each student a personal stake in the quality of the work. Technology is necessary for this classroom to function allowing peer and teacher feedback, easy rewriting, and audio recording. Questions about writing skills increasingly come from the students.


Technology allows for new tasks that were previously inconceivable.

A classroom is asked to create a documentary video answering an essential question related to important concepts. Teams of students take on different subtopics and collaborate to create one final product. Teams are expected to contact outside sources for information.

At this level, common classroom tasks and technology exist not as ends but as supports for student-centered learning. Students learn content and skills in support of important concepts as they pursue the challenge of creating a professional quality video. Collaboration becomes necessary and technology allows such communications to occur. Questions and discussion are increasingly student generated.

As an educator, where are you in this continuum? Hopefully, this article has prompted you to reflect on technology integration in your instructional planning and practices. SAMR is a huge buzz word in the instructional technology field. We will be hearing more about this technology integration model as Onslow County Schools continues the 1:1 Laptop Initiative. Please see your Digital Learning and Teaching facilitator for more information. Listed below are some resources you can explore.

Additional resources to explore:
SAMR in 120 Seconds
Bloom’s (Digital) Taxonomy

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An Example of Collaboration...Coaches, Aministration, Media Coordinator, and Teachers!

Before our 1:1 laptop rollout, the administration, coaches, and media coordinator collaborated together to plan for deploying the 1:1 laptop computers to our 8th grade students. As a component of the program, our teachers covered a lesson developed by Ms. Sarmento in regards to the policies for using their laptops. This video was created to showcase the work of our students by Ms. Edwards, our AIG Specialist, with pictures and videos taken by Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Rowntree. In the video, Northwoods Park Middle School students demonstrate 1:1 technology responsibility, security, and safe usage. Thank you, 8th grade teachers for your help in bringing this lesson to life! You and our students did an awesome job! Please take a moment to view the video.

A Deeper Dive into Office 365 and Tech Integration Professional Development at NWPM

Technology professional development will be offered at our school beginning October 25 to enhance the understanding of Office 365 for students and teachers. The focus on the Office 365 sessions will be on the OneNote Class Notebook. Technology integration and managing the 1:1 classroom will also be covered in these informative sessions. One continuing education credit (CEU) (high quality) will be awarded for attending all the sessions and satisfactorily completing assignments. OneNote Class Notebook will be used to deliver content and turn in assignments. Sessions will be held in the Professional Development Room (Room 2) or in the media center during planning periods and after school, if necessary. Please see the schedule of sessions to be offered. Let Mrs. Rowntree know if you need more information. I hope you will consider attending some or all of these sessions.

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