The mesopotamian Herald

New Invention

The hand carved round Wheel

Are you tired of not being able to move anything around? Are your daily tasks to much for your back to handle ? Well have I got the product for you. Local craftsmen Albert Padron has invented this new back saving handcrafted wooden wheel. It is the talk of all of Mesopotamia. Albert along with master craftsmen Zach Piquett are bringing this special offer to youj, now you too can benifit from this new technology. Albert is willing to barter in exchange for 2 of these wheels. Stop by ferdle cresent wood suply’s and bring your barter items or your silver coins.

News Event

Alphabet to contain only 22 letters

Today this 23rd day of October, 3050B.C.

Breaking news: the Phoenicians trim the alphabet to just 22 lettewrs. This will make it easier for us all to learn to write. Now not only will scribes be able to write the written word but common people will now be able to write. Albert Padron a buisnessman with the royal court, will have improved ability to keep his own trade aagreements, instead of relying on Tom Jones the royal court scribe.

Agricultural Report

March 27, 3501B.C.

today in the ag report Sumerians have produced enough food to create a surplus to feed the people that have settled in sumer. Thanks to the new technology of irrigation farmers are able to water dry areas.Farmer Eric Hat of southern Mesopotamia has stated that irrigation has saved his settlement located along the eastern bank's of the Tigris river. Farmers aalong with king Sargon are exspecting the biggest wheat crop in recorded history.

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