Segmented worms, Round worms, Flat worms Logan H.

Segmented worms

Segmented Worms - An animal, such as the earthworm, whose body is made up of connected sections, or segments.

Example: earthworms


- Body is made up of segments

- circulatory system

- Five enlarged tubes act like hearts,

- Has a brain or nerve center

Adaptation - two sets of muscles enable the earthworm to move through the soil.

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Round worms

Roundworm - an animal, with a round tube like body, that has a digestive system with two openings

Example: Ascaris


- Have a digestive system with two openings

- Has a tube like body

- Round body

- Muscles run length wise

Adaptation - whiplike muscles to get away from predators.

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Flat worms

Flatworm - An animal, such as a planarian, that has a flattened body, a digestive system with only one opening, and a simple nervous system.

Example: planarians


- flattened body

- digestive system

- nervous system

- usually small

- stay out of light

- live in freshwater/saltwater

Adaptation - during the daylight they are usually found under rocks or freshwater environments.

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