Circulatory System

By Marisa Tapley

Major Parts of the Circulatory System

  • Heart - A hollow organ that pumps the blood through the Circulatory System
  • The blood - Circulates in the arteries and the veins of humans and other animals
  • Arteries - A blood vessel that conveys blood from the heart to any part of the body
  • Veins - Any of the tubes forming parts of the blood circulation system of the body
  • Capillaries - Any of the fine branching blood vessels that form a network between arteries.
  • Lungs - A pair of breathing organs in the Circulatory system

~ Function of the Circulatory System ~

The Circulatory System is responsible for transporting materials throughout the entire body. The Circulatory System carries chemicals to all points in your body, The real function and purpose of the Circulatory System is to keep you alive. It carries food and oxygen to all the cells of the body and then to that removes all waste products. Get it? A circle!

The Lungs

The Lung are the organ that do the breathing. (duh)
The lungs take in oxygen when you inhale and let out Carbon Dioxide (Co2). The lungs supply the blood with oxygen from the outside air and dispose of waste Carbon Dioxide in the exhaled air. Other functions include filtration of blood, serving reservoirs to store the blood and playing a ole in metabolic activities. When we breath, the air travels down the throat to the windpipe. Inside the chest, the windpipe divides into two branches called the right and left bronchial tubes to enter the lungs. The large bronchial tubes branch into even smaller tubes called bronchioles. These turn into even narrower tubes. Small tubes end in clusters of thin called air sacs called alveoli.

Diseases of the Circulatory System


Some of the diseases that go along with the lungs are:
Acute Bronchitis (is not as cute as you think)
Lung Cancer (picture to the right)
and Emphysema

So it is a great idea to eat healthy and exercise!

Emphysema is a form of long term lung disease. People who have this disease have difficulty breathing due to a limitation in blowing air out. There are many causes, but smoking is most common. People who have Emphysema exhale as if something were obstructing the flow of air, and it can be like breathing through a straw.

Interacting with other systems

The Circulatory System touches every system in your body. Every cell that needs oxygen needs access to the fluids in your Circulatory System. The Circulatory System is important along with its fluids in your digestive system that has absorbed nutrients from your food. Hormones created by your Endocrine system are sent through the body by the Circulatory System. Pretty neat.