Kind-of Chronological 2015

An exhibition of images and words by Daniel Eugene


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Saturday, May 30th, 12-7pm

Sunday, May 31st, 12-5pm

Studio Feruvius @ Erector Square

Bldng. 3, 2nd floor, Studio 'M'

315 Peck St.

New Haven, CT 06513

Kind-of Chronological is an annual installation of 3.5/2.5 inch line-drawings taken from what I affectionately, if not somewhat inaccurately, refer to as my "one-a-day" series.

Each image is paired with words distilled from my ongoing literary project, "The Journal," using passages penned on around the date the image was made.

This exhibition explores the potential for Universal resonance that results from the individual experience as documented in images and words.

This year will feature over 180 images.


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I have kept a journal since I was 14 years old but it wasn't until after discovering the diaries of Anais Nin in 2010 that I began to undertake the journaling as a true artistic task of self-exploration and revelation.

"The personal life deeply lived always transcends to truths that are universal."

"We don't see things as they are we see them as we are."

These quotes, both taken from the early volumes of Anais Nin's highly edited first published diaries (her full diary writings amount to over 30,000 pages), have become the artistic goals and the driving idealogical forces behind my writing.

So far the Journal exists in 12 volumes: The Book of Life, The Book of Life & Death, The Book of Life Death & Re-birth, The Book of Love, The Book of Realization, The Book of Faith, The Book of Time, The Book of Music, The Book of Recollection, The Book of Curiosity, The Book of Simplification, The Book of Imaginary Travels and The Book of Eyes in which I am currently writing - all amounting to roughly 1300 pages.

The 'one-a-days'

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The 'one-a-day' series began in 2009 as an attempt to produce one image a day for a full year. After initially falling behind, lying about dates in order to catch up and with the building frustration at not being able to follow through with the set goal - the first attempt failed.

In light of this experience and in identifying the absurdity of such a strict all-or-nothing expectation, in 2010 the goal evolved into something more whimsical. The goal became acceptance, forgiveness, surrender, grace, experimentation and play.

Some day, I'm sure, I will actually create 365 "one-a-days" for the year. Until then, if 185 images in a series over the course of the year is to be considered falling short of a goal then I'll be grateful for the goal as the inspiration for the 185 that made it through.

Shoot for the moon. Fall short. Land on a star. Throw a party on the star.

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