What's Your Type ?

By: Keaysha

ISTP Personality Type .

  • ISTP people need their personal space (able to spread out) & that's the same as me.
  • While working on a project with others ISTP people want to be treated like the people that's working with you want to be treated . I'm then same way ,"Treat people the way you want to be treated".
  • Natural disregard helps people like me and the other ISTP people for rules it also allows them to focus .

I'm Most Definitly ISTP !

The question is "Does the personality type describe you ? Why or Why not?" Well in my case yes it does because in the passage as I was reading I found a lot of things that described me or matched my personality . For instance it mentioned something about "bipolar" I'm not quite sure if I'm bipolar but a lot of people tell me I am.

Common Traits

  • Dichotomies (bipolar dimensions where each pole represents a different preference).
  • Mainly believe information that I receive.
  • Makes decisions based on how I fell .
  • Sticks to my plan.