Student Video Presentation Template

Help Your Students Learn How To Give A Presentation Today!

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Why Use This Template?

This simple Google Slides Template can be used with students of all grade levels to help them learn how to give a presentation or talk about a given curricular topic.

This template can be also scaled throughout the year to grow as students move throughout the school year.

Step 1: Create a Curricular Assignment

This assignment could be used at the beginning of a lesson, or at the end in place of a traditional assessment. At its core, this lesson allows students to create a video of themselves while creating a slide that has a few discussion points on it.

Step 2: Download Google Slides Template

Download this Google Slides Template by clicking on the blue "USE TEMPLATE" button on the top right. This will download a template into your Google Drive that you own.

From here, you can edit the template as needed for distribution through Google Classroom.

Step 3: Create a Video using Screencastify or Mobile Device

Students can use the FREE Chrome extension called Screencastify to create a short video of themselves talking about the discussion points.

*Bonus: Download directions on how to use Screencastify here

Step 4: Activity Variations

  • This activity can be designed as a one-student project or can be expanded by having more than one student on video having a conversation.
  • Discussion points can be provided by the teacher or can be created through a group activity.
  • This is also a great way of creating flipped classroom videos where your lessons are packaged with a detailed explanation of each video inside of the slide.