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Dear parents and carers,

I hope that this newsletter finds you well and that you enjoyed the school holiday break with your children. I know the La Perouse team were definitely in need of some rest and relaxation after what was a very busy term, managing the COVID situation and getting back to what we would consider normal, albeit a new-normal. It was exciting to be able to invite our community and families back on site, your children love to see you at school.

Over the next week, Term Overviews will be distributed. These overviews explain what you child is learning this term and may help you, along with the posts on Class Dojo, to have discussions with them about their learning. You will also receive a copy of our Term 2 Parent Calendar, which can also be accessed at the bottom of this newsletter. There are many exciting events this term including our very first Science Fair on 27th of May.

We have had a great start to the year with attendance and students being on time. Whilst I appreciate it is sometimes very difficult in bad whether and Sydney traffic, I must express how important it is and encourage families to make it a number one priority to ensure that children are at school by 9am and are not picked up until after 3pm. If your child is late or picked up early, please remember to come to the office to sign them in/out and provide an explanation. which can also be done through the School Stream Absentee Form.

New School Administration Manager

I am very happy to announce that the successful applicant for our School Administration Manager position, Emily Giannopoulos, started with us this week. Emily comes very highly recommended with a wealth of experience working in schools and the private sector. You may have already met Emily, she was helping us on Fridays last term, whilst the merit-selection process was being undertaken. Emily joins Belinda Cooley, who is our School Administration Officer for 2 days per week.


In Term 2, we are trialing a more streamlined approach to our newsletter and communication.

It seems as we have begun to get duplication across Class Dojo, Facebook and our Newsletter. The changes include:

Class Dojo - internal platform to celebrate learning, communicate events, contact class teachers.

Facebook - public platform for celebration and communication of events, including those in the community.

Newsletter - online newsletter, sent through school stream that informs and communicates school matters and important events. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the newsletter sent home, you need to opt in here:

Going online is part of our sustainability efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and costs.

We are seeking your feedback about which platforms you prefer and for what purpose. Please complete this short survey -

P&C General Meeting

At the AGM last term we saw a new executive team elected. Before introducing the new team, I would like to thank Colin Smith and Amy Weidlch for their service to our community and school over the past 4-5 years. Both Colin and Amy were instrumental in establishing the P&C and have worked tirelessly to support and promote our school.

Introducing our new P&C executive team:

President - Laura Chilton (mum to Harry in Kilakiladee)

Vice President - Steve Fiorio (dad to Mia in Warin)

Treasurer - Fredericke Berger (mum to Theo and Charlotte)

Secretary - Jayde Fiorio (mum to Mia in Warin)

Fundraising committee - Caroline Hoad (mum to Jimi in Kilakiladee)

I encourage all families to attend at least one meeting a year. It is a great way to be a part of your child's school. The next meeting is Wednesday 4th of May at 7pm.

Botany Bites Canteen Service - starts on Monday

On Monday and Tuesday, starting next week, you can pre-order your child's lunch. Please find all information below, including how to download the Flexischool APP to place orders.

Information letter

Botany Bites Canteen Service Information

Botany Bites Menu

Account Setup

Order Cancellation

Community Support Services

Please find linked at the end of this newsletter a range of workshops and services organised by the Deli Women's and Children's Centre.

  • Group flyers for DV, Black Box DV Parenting, Behaviour Guidance and Engaging Adolescents Groups. (Our Groups are face to face at our Centre and may change subject to current health restrictions and advice)
  • Legal Clinic happening on Thursdays which are currently conducted on the phone
  • DV Counselling is currently available by phone or in person at our Centre.

Warm regards, Lisa Haller | Principal


We would like to give you an overview of how we are continuing to ensure our school remains COVID-safe through our updated settings. During Term 2, as we move into the cooler months, we will continue to prioritise student and staff wellbeing and the safe operation of the school with our layered COVID-smart measures in place. These measures include rapid antigen testing (RAT), vaccinations, ventilation, hygiene and cleaning.

Following recent announcements from the NSW Premier regarding changes to COVID-19 rules for the general community, it is important that all families are aware of the following:

Changes to household contact rules

Changes have been made to self-isolation rules for household contacts. This means that in Term 2, 2022, staff and students who are close/household contacts and have no symptoms may continue to attend school in line with the following requirements:

● They must notify the school that they are intending to return under this provision via email or phone.

● They should conduct a daily rapid antigen test (RAT) and return a negative result each morning before attending school for 5 school days (results do NOT need to be provided to the school).

● Staff must wear a mask indoors and primary school students are encouraged to wear a mask indoors except when eating or exercising for their 5 day period.

● No student or staff member identified as a close contact will be permitted to participate in overnight excursions, including school camps.

Families are to receive an additional supply of free rapid antigen tests. An additional pack of 5 RAT kits will be provided to families early in the term. These RAT kits can be used for testing when your child is symptomatic or for daily testing if they are a close contact but choose to return to school under the new measures outlined above. You will receive a separate message with details on how the RAT kits will be distributed once they have arrived.

Unwell or positive result

Please note that staff or students who test positive for COVID-19, or who are unwell or showing COVID-19 symptoms, must continue to isolate at home. We ask that you notify the school via email or phone that there is a positive result and outline the 7 day isolation period for attendance records.

NSW Health has updated its advice for people who have recovered from COVID-19 leaving isolation. Once staff or students have completed their 7-day isolation period, they should wear a mask for an additional 3 days (for days 8 to 10) once they return to school.

Please read the Department of Education Advice for Families if further detail is required.


Is your contact information up to date?

It is really important that we can contact you and your emergency contact at all times. If you or your emergency contact's landline, mobile number, email or address changes please provide us with the updated contact details ASAP. This can be done by:

  • calling the school office
  • emailing the school on
  • completing the form on the SchoolStream APP or by
  • checking the letter which is being sent home next week, that outlines the information we currently have on file, and writing on this, the updated details before returning to school.

Medical plans

Does your child have any health conditions?

Asthma (mild, moderate, severe), Allergy, Anaphylaxis, daily medication requirements etc.

We want to be able to support your child while they are in our care. If we are not already aware of any medical needs, please contact the office as soon as possible to let us know. If you receive a request to update your child's medical plans or provide medication, we ask that this is done promptly so we can continue to provide them with the highest level of care.

Statement of Accounts

Thank you to all those who have already paid their 2022 school contributions. These contributions help cover the cost of items such as:

  • extracurricular activities
  • textbooks
  • equipment and stationery
  • technology subscriptions and devices

If you are experiencing financial hardship or would like to arrange a payment plan, please contact the Principal - Lisa Haller on 02 9311 2210 for a confidential discussion. There may be support available to assist you.

Statements of Account for each student will be sent home next week. Online payments via the school website are preferred.

Spare clothes

It is always a good idea for students in Kindy to Year 2 to have a spare change of clothes, socks and underwear in their school bag for any little accidents that may occur.

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Important Information and Flyers