Culture in term of sociology.

Culture in term of sociology.

Culture in term of sociology.

The term culture is widely used in sociology. Culture is the way of living of people in a specific society, region and country. For example, Pakistan is a country that has its specific culture. Every society has own way of living like the education system, marriage style specific religion, dressing style, language, working style, customs, etc... Culture also refers to the high quality of a person’s mindset like art, literature, photography. Now days we study culture as a separate subject in our courses. This shows the significance of culture. Cultural sociology is a major focus of American sociologist. Marx, Durkheim, and Weber and many others develop it. In cultural sociology, we study the relation of culture with society. Society and culture, both related to each other’s. Because, the society is made up of people and culture is a way of people living in a society. Therefore, there is no society without culture and no culture without society. Culture has many components that are symbols, language, value, norms, and beliefs.Arts

Symbols as a component of culture.

Symbols refers' to meaningfully represents else. For example, Pakistani flag has two colors, one is white other is green. Green color shows peace and white color shows minority of non-Muslims.

Language as a component of culture.

The language is set symbols through which people communicate with others. Every society has its own language for communication and for exchange of ideas.

Values as a component of culture.

Every culture has some rules. Culture defines what is good and what is not good for that society. It is quite possible that one thing that is good for one culture is not good for another culture. The rules of culture help people how to live in a society.

Norm component of culture.

Society’s expectations from people to live in a society. It is of two types.

1) Mores

2) Folkways

Mores: are norms that are more important and every member of society should obey these rules.

Folkways: are norms that are not so important and can deny.

We also study cultural diversity in sociology.

Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity means many cultures are exist in one country. Every culture has its own beliefs an norm. The belief and norm of one culture different from another culture.For example, eating insect is acceptable in non-Muslim countries, but this is not acceptable in Muslim countries like in Pakistan eating insect is considered Hiram.