Technology in the Classroom

What I learned during my observation hours.

What types of technology were students using?

The teacher I observed used a smart board in her classroom to give notes, show videos, and display charts. The smart board was used the way teachers in my day used an overhead projector. Students were using their own school-issued laptops to take notes, read texts, and to complete and turn in assignments. I was also able to observe some presentations the students made for their 1920s unit. Students chose to use powerpoint or prezi to design their visual aids.

Students appeared to be more engaged in the lesson content while using technology.

Students were able to gain quick access to assignments, the text that was being taught, and the internet. With computers in front of each student, they were able to look up things during the lesson that they had questions about. I believe this access to extra information kept students engaged, and they were able to take the content even further. When putting together presentations students found all sorts of information and graphics to enhance their visual aids. I could tell they were very excited about what they were finding.

Look at how much technology classrooms have now!

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What was the teacher doing? - While the students were using the internet to enhance lessons or design power points, the teacher was there to guide them, answer questions, and teach them the content.

What are the pros and cons of technology in the classroom?


  • Used as a teaching aid
  • Reduces paper clutter and heavy books
  • Easy access to information
  • Makes communicating outside class quick and simple


  • Students can become distracted during class
  • Students may be tempted to copy work from the internet
  • Technical difficulties can occur, such as: dead battery, faulty internet connection

An interview with the teacher:

What are the benefits to students using technology in the classroom?

Access to information is the biggest benefit. If I am teaching a lesson and a student has a question that I don't know the answer to, they can quickly look up the answer and share it with the rest of the class. I also love the ability to communicate with students outside of class time. If they have any questions about assignments they can send me a quick email. I can also assign things that are more interesting and relevant to students using the internet.

What are the disadvantages for student use of technology?

The computers can be a source of distraction for the students. They can surf the web or play games while I am teaching or a student is speaking, and then they miss the information being taught.

What is your favorite technology and why?

I love that students can turn assignments in online. I don't have the papers to keep track of, neither do students. It really is a better way of keeping track of work for me and for students.

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Technology Observation

Monday, March 30th, 8:30am-1:30pm

920 North Rock Road

Derby, KS

I completed my 5 hour observation of technology use in the classroom at Derby High School with Miss Rogers and her 10th and 11th grade English students.