Google Classroom is in Session

Classroom FYI

  • The first time you log into Classroom, you must choose teacher. If you chose student in the past, contact your IT department to change.
  • Must have a Google Apps for Education account.
  • Students and teachers must have the same domain.
  • Can be used on the computer and mobile device.
  • You can have more than 1 teacher responsible for a classroom.
  • You can create a class as well as join someone's class.
  • You can schedule posts in advance.
  • Student documents are saved into your Google Drive in a Classroom folder.
  • Use "?" send Google feedback or tell them of things you would like to see Classroom have.

Steps to setting up a classroom

  1. Click on the + sign to Create a class and name it.
  2. Have students sign in and use your class code.

About Page

  • Invite a teacher
  • Add commonly used links
  • Add commonly used documents


  • Invite students through email.
  • Give students Classroom code



Announcements are just that. You can add a link, attach a document or Google Drive document, or a youtube video.


This is where you will give your students work. You can have instructions as well as a due date. When you attach a document, you have 3 options for students: View file, Edit file, or Make a copy for each student.


You can use this to assign 1 short answer or multiple choice question. You have the choice to let students reply to each other or edit their answers.

Reuse Post

You can pull a post from any classroom, current or archived, and add it to your current stream.


You can turn comments on and off for students.

Ideas for using comments.

Best Practices

  • Use comments for students to have discussions about assignments.

  • Use the Question Post as an exit ticket.

  • Number the titles of your assignments.

  • Class can collaborate on a powerpoint at the beginning of the year to introduce themselves.

  • Differentiate assignments by assigning different assignments.

  • Share solutions to problems for students to check work.

  • Problem of the Day

  • Student of the Week - Picture as the header

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