Hyer Library Update

August 17, 2019

Welcome to the Library!

I am excited for the upcoming year and look forward to working more with both students and teachers. My goal is to support you as much as possible. I want to update you on some changes in the library as well as review some library procedures that will help the year run as smoothly as possible. Please read the following information carefully!

Future Ready Library

HPISD libraries are working to shift the traditional role of the library to a place for future ready learners. The mission of the HPISD Libraries is to advance literacy and knowledge, inspire curiosity, and strengthen our communities.




From Striving to Thriving: One Reader’s Story by Dav Pilkey

Checkout Policies

  • THE LIBRARY IS OPEN ALL DAY. PLEASE ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO CHECKOUT BOOKS WHEN NEEDED AND NOT JUST ON THEIR LIBRARY DAY. (This means, you may send students who you can trust to the library on their own or in pairs. Our doors are always open!)
  • 2nd-4th grade students will learn to checkout their own books in the first half of the year and kinder-1st will learn the second half.
  • Books can be checked out to students for 2 weeks and may be renewed.

Kinder- 1 book

First and Second- 2 books

Third- 3 books

Fourth- 4 books

  • Teachers can checkout an unlimited amount of books for as long as needed
  • Parents may checkout up to 6 books---please remind them!
  • On your class checkout day, please have all books returned by 9:00 am
  • Students are encouraged to select books of interest to them, both fiction and nonfiction. We want to build a love of reading and will promote a variety of topics and genres. These books will not necessarily be on each child's reading level. Please remind parents of this as well.

You can access our online library catalog here. (You may also access this link on the Hyer website under library)

HPISD Library Scheduling

To help move towards our future ready library standards and to best meet the needs of our students, ALL four HPISD elementary libraries are creating a change in library scheduling. Please read the following information provided by the district carefully:

  • Each class will come at a set time for the first 9 weeks. This 30 minute session will include a library orientation lesson and checkout.
  • Teachers are expected to come for the last 15 minutes of library time to help monitor and guide checkout.
  • After the first 9 weeks, K-2 will continue to have a set 30 minute time each week.
  • 3rd and 4th grade classes can set a 15 minute checkout time each week or can send groups of kids on an as needed basis. Additional library lessons will be scheduled in collaboration with me.
  • Please note: Classes missed due to holidays, field trips, special events, author visits or early releases will not be rescheduled.

***However: Because I will be out on maternity leave for much of the spring semester,

Hyer will continue to have set 30 min. library times for everyone the entire year. ***

  • We will still be adhering by the district policy for teachers to come to the second half of your scheduled library time to assist with check-out.
  • Please let me know how I can help plan and teach any lessons that require library resources or librarian support.
  • Please click HERE to sign up for a library time. If you wish to come every other week rather than weekly, please note that in the calendar.

Learn How to Self-Checkout Book!

Because teachers will be assisting with check out this year, I would like to invite everyone to stop by at your convenience on Wednesday, August 21st for a quick 15 min. session to learn how to checkout books for yourself and help your kiddos! If you cannot come before the start of school, please contact me to schedule a time the first two weeks of school.

Read Aloud Ideas and Challenges!

Classroom Book A Day Challenge

Picture books can be used in every classroom, in every grade! Check out the Classroom Book A Day Challenge (http://www.classroombookaday.com) for various picture book lists and other articles about the many benefits of using picture books to foster a classroom community and encourage meaningful conversations between students. I have ordered many of the books for the 2019-2020 challenge so if you are interested, please let me know and I am happy to support you!

Texas 2x2's

Looking for some fun books to get your class excited about reading? Check out the 2019 Texas 2x2 list. https://txla.org/tools-resources/reading-lists/2x2/current-list/ Scroll to the bottom of the page for activity ideas and a even a coloring boot! We have the majority of these books in our library. Let me know how I can help you with this!

Bluebonnet Books

3rd and 4th grade teachers....check out the 2019-2020 Bluebonnet list! https://txla.org/news/texas-bluebonnet-master-list-announced/. More information regarding Bluebonnet books will come soon! :)

Online Reading Resources You Can Access Anywhere!

To get access follow these steps:

Questions or comments? Schedule a time with your librarian to get the most out of of these resources!