Albert einstien

ulm , germany 1879-1955

Growing up

Albert einstien was born on march 14, 1879 in ulm , germany.Einstien and family moves to munich , germany.He was known for doing science and math


Albert einstien was jewish.Einstien went to school at University of zurich.As a child he had strict teachers and was bullied as a kid.Albert liked doing math,but his favorite subject in school was science.He got a compass from his dad and that is what incouraged him to be who he is now.

Conclusion and einstien's death

Albert einstien worked until april 18,1955.Einstien died from a heart attack.Einstien's favorite thing he invented his own refrigerator , it was called the einstien refrigerator.
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this the refrigerator that albert einstien invevted ,called the Einstien refrigerator.

Adult life/contributions

Albert Einstein became famous for the theory of relativity,which laid the basics for the release of the atomic energy.In 1905 Albert Einstein formulates special theory of relativity.