How to make chocolate fondue

seriously tantilising

Chocolate fondue

This is an amazing party snack that and a great dish for chocolate lovers and is perfect for a nice tea time break.This found this recipe very intriguing and is a great way to celebrate Easter or valentines day.This recipe is also incredibly easy to make which is why it can be done in 3 simple steps

ingredients and needs

-500 grams of chocolate

-1 bag(or packet) of exquisite graham crackers

-3 bags of tasty marshmallows(if you are having a huge party)

-small pot

- 4 bowl


-skewers (preferably one for each person,if you know how much people are coming)


Step 1:Take your amazingly scrumptious chocolate and place into the bowl,then put the bowl into he microwave heat the chocolate until it melts and take the chocolate out,wait for chocolate to set for 50 seconds.

Step 2:After the chocolate has set pour the chocolate into your divine pot,now all you need to do is get the utensils ready.

Step 3: take your skewers and put all of them in your second bowl so that the party members can find it easier.Now pour all of your marshmallows into another bowl.Do the same with the graham crackers.You eat the fondue by poking a marshmallow with a skewer,dip it into melted chocolate then sandwich between two graham crackers and enjoy.

Now all you need to do is call your party members and start the party. Guarantee everybody will love this recipe,some of them may not even stop eating this so stay loose have fun at your party.