Reading Groups

We STAR tested last week and I am thrilled to say that we are making great improvements in first grade. With that said, Your child is reading on a 2.6 reading level (second grade, sixth month).

At this point, I am confident that Madeline is ready to read harder reading selections. Madeline will no longer be bringing home the blue Reading Street reader that you are use to seeing on Thursday nights. Instead, she will be doing book studies for the remainder of the year. This week we are doing a picture book called Fly Away Home. In the weeks to follow, I will move her reading group into chapter books. We will be reading these books in a small group setting where she will complete comprehension questions, learn vocabulary, create thinking maps, and do activities. Therefore, Madeline may or may not have a comprehension test every Friday. It will depend on the length of the book. Please look for testing dates on the weekly newsletter. I may also assign some reading for homework.

I am extremely excited about doing these reading circles with my students and I feel that it will really push some of them to that next level of reading and comprehending books.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Mrs. Hopkins