The Alamo

by Adrain, and Gavin

On the year of 1812 Mexico won its independence from spain.Mexico soon took over much of the west including texas.Land in texas was being given to people so it could become more populated but what happend is not what they wanted.Mexicos was at the moment ruled by a dictaor named Santa Anna.Mexico was woried that there would be to much Americans in texas. so he increased taxes and didn't allow any Americans to come in mexico.

As you coud expect the people of texas or texans were angry because the mexican government tried to drive them out of texas.This was the start of the Alamo.The texan army was Sam Houston and the leader of the mexican army Santa Anna. Santa Anna led the mexican amy to the Alamo wich was there fort. The Mexican army sadly won the battle of the Alamo but texas declared itself independent from Mexico.

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