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What is energy

Energy is a thing that is in our body and powers machines.We use energy when we are walking and doing some activities.Machines use energy from power points and does things depending on what machine it is like toasters toast bread and tvs keep us entertained
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What are the types of energies?

Energy can take a variety of forms some of them include potential,kinetic,gravitational,chemical and many more.

Sources of Energies

Australia has many sources of energy some of them include Solar energy,fossil fuels,nuclear energy and many more.Fossil fuel is good and bad fossil fuel provides lots of energy but the fossils, coals and other things are running out some time in the future we will have no energy from fossil fuels

What happens when energy is transferred

When energy is transferred it becomes a different type of energy depending on what it transferred to.The sun can transfer its thermal energy to plants then the plants changed the energy into chemical and potential energy
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What happens when energy is transformed

When energy is transformed it becomes another type of energy like a tv turning electrical energy to heat,sound and light energy.
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What will happen in the future

In the future fossil fuels will slowly dissapear and we will have to find more different ways to get electricity