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Verbal Prompts -- Katrina

Why use verbal prompting or cueing?

Great coaches know the best cues are the cues that work. When you read that statement what comes to mind? (popcorn out)

They should make your teacher take one or more steps closer to the desired result. Note you will have as many effective and ineffective cues as you will teachers. This simply means don't beat yourself up when it doesn't work the way you envisioned. An effective cue leads to the desired result, but this could take time.

3 Tips for Successful Implementation:

  1. Set up in class coaching with your teacher beforehand. Make sure the teacher agrees and is comfortable with the cue you plan on using. Start with your least resistant teacher.
  2. In class coaching. Go in and actually become apart of the class. Try your best to prompt seamlessly, meaning it shouldn't be super obvious to students. This will take time.
  3. Debrief the in class coaching. Was the intended outcome achieved? Was the cue seamless and recieved by the teacher? How did it feel to you? How did it feel to the teacher? Are there any changes that need to happen next time?

Endless ways to Verbally Cue

  • Single Word Prompts
  • Prompts in the form of questions
  • Pre-selected Stems (Ex. When I say explicit model that means you stop and model an example for students…… or when I say vocabulary that means you reinforce a definition….)

Perfectly Imperfect....... We will look at specific minutes where I prompted or attempted to prompt Allyson. These are videos from last year when I was initially trying this out!

Essential content focus (need to hit a key point, provide clarity, accurate and clear content)

3:07 sec

9:40 sec

11:40 sec

15:10 sec

Chambers Active Coaching Prompting 4 21 15

Video Methods and Delivery (reinforce key points--modeling or writing)

2:50 sec tried a visual cue to write the key points on board she missed it so she got a verbal cue

13:50 sec reinforcing key points --- refreshed her memory of key point

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