January 11-15

Week 19 - Team No Brainers!

News This Week

I will be sending home a paper copy of the newsletters on Fridays, but will still copy and put the information here to email as well. The material on both should be the exact same, but I wanted you to be aware you'd get a digital and paper copy!

We are starting rotations next week in third grade. It is an exciting time! We will try to communicate any changes and important information. Remember to email your child’s homeroom teacher (the teacher they have had all year) with any questions.

Mrs. Blackmon - lblackmon@bcbe.org

Mrs. Bowen - tbowen@bcbe.org

Mrs. Everette - meverette@bcbe.org

Report cards are going home today. Remember to sign and return the holder.

Students need to have their folder, homework, and AR book with them everyday. It is very important to come prepared.

We are all three very excited to work with our new students this week and have the time needed to really hit all our skills. Welcome to Team No Brainers!

Class Pictures - Thursday - In Uniform

Studies this Week

  • RI.3.6 - Distinguish your own view from that of the author of a text.
  • Fluency folders will come home starting this week. Please check for these and return on Friday so they can be set up for the following week.
  • We will use current events as reading passages this week and Rocks in His Head from the Scott Foresman Series as text.


  • Irregular Plurals
  • wolves, knives, feet, men, children, women, sheep, heroes, scarves, mice, geese, cuffs, elves, banjos, halves, loaves, beliefs, tomatoes, tornadoes, potatoes


  • We will continue “Rocket Math” daily. Please help your child practice each day with the drill sheet they bring home. Many students have made it to M and beyond already! Great job!
  • Check your child’s folder for homework. They will have math homework several days throughout the week.
  • In math, students are assessed for mastery. Therefore there will be no study guide prior to math assessments. However, reviewing homework daily will be a great help to your child.
  • We will continue with division. The following Math Standards will be taught the week of Jan. 11th. 3.OA2, 3.OA3, 3.OA4, 3.OA5, 3.OA6, 3.OA7, 3.OA8


  • capture, coward, exclaim, gloomy, insist, passage, restless, shallow, shatter, talent
  • No test this week


  • In Writing we will learn how to organize a paragraph: this will include snaking sentences and indenting paragraphs. We will also learn how to write an interesting hook and the different types of hooks.


  • L.3.2c- Using Commas and Quotation Marks in Direct Dialogue


  • Weather, Climate, and the Water Cycle

Social Studies

  • Achievements of Ancient Civilizations
  • We will focus on words such as prehistoric and sarcophagus.

Great Math Resource

Here's a great pdf to help parents with Third Grade Common Core Math.


Practice at Home

Practice Point of View

  • What does the author want the reader to understand about this topic?
  • Think about what the author is telling you in this text. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s thinking?
  • How does the author feel about the topic? Do you agree or disagree? Explain why or why not.
  • The author says _____ (object) is ____(adjective). What is another word to describe the object? Explain why you chose this word.
  • Do you agree with ____ (author’s point of view)? Explain your answer. Use a detail from the text in your answer.

Important Dates


11 - Class Rotations Begin

12 - Talent Show Forms Due for Participants

14 - Class Pictures

18 - No School - MLK Day

26 - Snow Wizard $1.00

29 - Talent Show