Second Grade Scoop

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * September 19, 2016


Everyone in 2R will take advantage of our second full week to fine tune our Reading and Writing Workshops. The students will have a chance to practice working within the guidelines of the first two Daily Five choices, Read to Self and Work on Writing. They will also be introduced to, and work with, the third Daily Five, "Listen to Reading". This week is important in setting the stage for the students independent work to strengthen their reading and writing skills, while building stamina.

During our weekly Read Alouds, we will focus on the idea that no one is perfect. Everyday is an opportunity to work hard and practice to get better and increase our skills.

During Writing Workshop, the students will write stories from their personal memories. They will learn different writer’s crafts to help enrich their stories. The events in a story are written in order. Writers use transitional words to help the reader understand the progression and timing of the story. Through modeling, the students will observe the use of transitional words and will have an opportunity to use them. The students will also begin a journey to learn how best to revise and take charge of their own writing.


The students are getting used to the format and pace of our Second Grade Math lesson. To help them acclimate with confidence, we will be extending some lessons to allow extra time to organize and complete independent work.

Chapter 1 Numbers to 1,000
Lesson 1 - Counting
  • * Vocabulary: hundred, hundreds, thousand
  • * Using base-ten blocks to recognize, read, and write numbers to 1,000
  • * Counting on by 1's, 10's, and 100's to 1,000
    Lesson 2 - Place Value
    * Vocabulary: standard form, expanded form, word form
    * Using base-ten blocks and a place-value chart to read, write and represent
    numbers to 1,000
    * Reading and writing numbers to 1,000in standard form, expanded form, and word
    Lesson 3 - Comparing Numbers
    * Vocabulary: greater than (>), less than (<)
    * Using base-10 blocks to compare numbers
    * Comparing numbers using the terms greater than and less than
    * Comparing numbers using symbols > and <
    * Compare numbers

    Character Counts and Social Studies

    Last week, the students learned about thoughts and feelings. They practiced becoming aware of their own thoughts and recognizing that others have thoughts of their own. The students will build upon this foundation and learn how to share their thoughts after they have gone through their social filter. Our social filter catchers our thoughts before we speak them. It allows us to think about what we are going to say and how it will affect others. The students will participate in several activities demonstrating how to use their social filter.

    During Social Studies, we will continue to explore our community. Students will describe the different roles people play in their family, school and community. They will also distinguish between roles of children and adults. We will also extend our focus to include how people work together and the need for cooperation within a community. The students will learn that a neighborhood is an area where people live. Some neighborhoods have businesses as well as homes. Finally, the students will practice the skill of using a calendar and noticing the features of each month. The concepts that calendars show the date and help people keep track of important events will be introduced. Without calendars, it would be very difficult to know when something begins or on what day an important event falls.

    iPads and Seesaw

    The students will begin working with iPads in the classroom. In Second Grade, we have a two-on-one initiative. Each iPad will be shared with two students. We will discuss digital citizenship and review the expectations for appropriate use of the technology. Our Seesaw classroom is the first experience the students will have on the iPads. Everyone will learn how to access our class, choose an icon to represent themselves, and practice adding material independently.
    • September 23rd - Book Orders Due
    • September 29th - Student Council Stoy Spirit Day and Pretzel Sale
    • October 5th - Picture Day *This is the correct date
    • October 11th - Half Day - Teacher In-service
    • October 12th - No School - Yom Kippur
    • October 14th - Camp Creek Run Field Trip (more information coming home next week)