Paul Revere

Allison Bannister


Ever wanted to learn about Paul Revere well then this is the biogrify for you.Paul Revere was most famous for his great ride called the Revere ride.Paul was a craftsman and industriallist he was focused in his work.

Paul Revers Ride

Paul went up the tower of the church to the hiest widow in the distance he saw the brittish men comng closer and closer at the secondhe knew this was his chance to be a hero he rode to the patriots to warn the to move there millitary suplies and to to tell them that the brittish are comin the brittish are comin!!

Prewar Jobs

Prewar Jobs

Paul was interested in supporting amarican leberty.Pal made a number of cartoons that recieved wide attention.As the leader f crafstman Paul worked closly with sameul adamsand jhon hancock.Befor and after the war Paul continued his fathers job in silversmiths trade.Paul volenteered tomhelp out with his home town

closing sentance.

paul revere was a brave man he was a big part of history without him something in life would not be the same

Craftsman and industrialist

After war started Paul visited a mill near philadalphea historians believed he over saw the mlls conditon Paul ingraved and printed paper for seal still massachushets.