Help Wanted!

Hiring all DNA!

Christine Zacuai

Human Factories





I'm Dr.DNA, your boss at Human Factories.

I'm here to tell you that our new positions as DNA available.

(Since, the last guy had a identity crisis)

As DNA, we create genes and develop traits and control the structure and function of the entire body.

(helps transport and make protein)

You can find us in the nucleus area.

As a DNA cell, you need to meet the requirements of...

1. BYOG- Bring your own genes!
(As a official DNA molecule, you need to be prepared!)

2. You need to be a LIVING THING or in a LIVING BODY.
DNA is found in all living things!
(No rocks allowed!)

3. Know who you are!
As a DNA, you need to help the body become who they are!

Qualifications for being a DNA

You should know fairly about...

* Human body
(you don't want to get lost in the body!)

* Functions of Cells

(know yours and other's job)

* Delivery

(Transport protein)

You are paid in genes!

(any size is available!)

Now who's going to be the next DNA?

Here are some applicants!

Who is the next DNA?

Quiz Time!

1. What does DNA do?
2. Where is the DNA located?
3. What is one trait of DNA you have?

Thanks for Watching!