Walk 2 Moons

By: Sharon Creech

Walk Two Moons, a novel by Sharon Creech is about a girl who's life had completely changed from living on a farm in Kentucky to moving all the way to Ohio. She tells a story about her life in Ohio, and how she met Phoebe, while on a road trip with her grand parents to find her mother in Lewiston Idaho. Characters in Walk Two Moons, By Sharon Creech misjudge 3 people because they fail to "walk 2 moons in their mocassins; Later these misjudgements are proven wrong.
Mrs. Cadaver aka Margret is misjudged several times in Walk Two Moons. Phoebe thought Margret killed Mr. Cedaver and burried her in the backyard. The truth was that she was just chopping a rhododendron bush, Pg 86. Phoebe also thinks Margret is weird and creepy because her last name Cadaver means "dead body", and the truth is that it does mean dead body but doesn't mean that she is weird and creepy, Pg 22-23. Phoebe also says Margret kiddnapped Mrs. Winterbottom, but the truth was that she didn't do anything wrong, Pg 189.
Mike Bickle is also judged very much in Walk Two Moons. Phoebe call Mike the lunatic because he acted suspicious when he came to the door, but the truth was that he was just looking for Mrs. Winterbottom, becuase he was her son, Pg 42-45. Phoebe and Sal also think he tries to pull out a knife and kill them, but he was just taking money out of his pocket to buy something, Pg 64. Phoebe and Sal say Mike has been sending the strange mysterious letters, Pg 52.
Mrs. Winterbottomn was also judged several times in Walk Two Moons.

Sal thought that Mrs. Winterbottom was acting like a supreme house wife and always shopping and doing chores, the truth is that she is tired for being a "supreme house wife". Sal and Phoebe also thought that Mrs. Winterbottom was in love with the lunatic aka Mike Bickle, the truth is that Mike is her son.

Judgements about Mrs. Cadaver aka Margret, Mike Bickle aka lunatic, and Mrs. Winterbottom teach Phoebe and Sal that if you judge a person before you "walk 2 moons in someone else's moccasins, you are usually wrong. They were all later proven wrong because of their misjudgements.