By: Shelbi Long

What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the most simple element known today! Hydrogen contains only one proton and one electron. Also it is the most plentiful gas in the universe. Even stars are made of hydrogen. THe chemical elment symbol known as H is located on the periodic table on period 1, group1.

Renewable or Non Renewable?

Hydrogen is a non renewable resource when used for nuclear fussion . But, it can also be a renewable resource. Because after it detiriorates it must either be repaired or be replaced. Which when used In certain terms can no longer be an energy source.

Where are you Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a well common chemical elemnet that is found in most things in the world. Hydrogen is located on the periodic table at Group 1 and Period 1. Hydrogen is found in things such as fuel , water , carbs, air , methane , coal , petroleum, and etc. This well known element is found in all growing things.
Hydrogen Energy California (HECA)

What are the uses or products of Hydrogen?

This abundant substance is starring in the following :

  • Ammonia
  • Rocket fuel
  • Water
  • Crude oil
  • Oils
  • Gases
  • Chemical substance
  • Fats
  • Food
  • Methanol
  • Cleaning items
  • Etc.

Who uses that precious element we call, Hydrogen?

Hydrogen was formerly used for filling balloons, airships, and other lighter-than-air craft, a dangerous practice because of hydrogen's explosive flammability; there were disastrous fires, e.g., the immolation of the German airship Hindenburg at its mooring at Lakehurst, N.J., in 1937. Helium is preferable for use in lighter-than-air craft since it is not flammable. Hydrogen is used in the Haber process for the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen, in the production of methanol, and in hydrogenation of fats and oils. It is also important in low-temperature research. It can be liquefied under pressure and cooled; when the pressure is released, rapid evaporation takes place and some of the hydrogen solidifies.

How does this produce energy?

Whenever hydrogen is used to make energy it is used many ways. First off there is nuclear fusion which is when atoms are combined to make new atoms . Also it takes much for the chemical to be pressured or liquidated.