The Constitutional Convention

By Trevor Turner

The Constitutional Convention

Friday, May 25th 1787 at 8am to Monday, Sep. 17th 1787 at 10pm

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Philadelphia, PA

The Convention

By 1786, the people of America began to realize that the Articles of Confederation was not a good form of government and needed to be changed. So the 13 states sent there delegates to the Convention in Philadelphia. Not all states attended, as for the state of Rhode Island did not attend. Along with a few other delegates not being able to attend there were over 55 delegates. There were two main plans that the states had come in with, The Virginia Plan, and the New Jersey Plan.

The Virginia Plan

The Creator of the Virginia plan was James Madison, but was presented by Edmund Randolph. The Plan ultimately benefited the bigger states because, they wanted to change it to were each state got a number of votes based on population, rather then each state getting one. It was to protect the interest of the large states and to make a whole new form of government, rather then just amending the Article of Confederation (AOC). They also took ideas from a Enlightenment thinker to have a separation of powers by having three branches of government. The three branches would be Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.

Virginia Plan Supporters

New Jersey Plan Supporter

The New Jersey Plan

The plan was introduced by a New Jersey delegate, William Paterson. The main creator of the New Jersey plan was Luther Martin. The New Jersey plan did not want to completely make a whole new government, it just wanted to amend it. It also was the counter option to the Virginia plan, along with protecting equality amongst the smaller states. It keeps each state with one electoral vote, so the vote is not based on population but just one vote per state. They still have the government being split into three branches.